Navi’s Ten Days of Pet Battles:

Day 2:  What pets don’t you like and why?

This is an easy one. There are lots of models I don’t particularly like including the frogs and infested bear cub. I’d also have to include spiders and cockroaches even though spiders are very effective to use. Just don’t get me started on trying to get a rare version of those green ones in Krasarang Wilds. Ekk!

Clock'em pet brawler's guild

Then there are the ones that are quite unique in their look or source like Clock’em. For a pet that requires some skill to get, You would have thought it’d have some sort of unique ability that’s worth choosing over other mechanicals, but it doesn’t. The Clockwork Gnome seems to have a more effective skillset.

Crawling Claw pet

Another would have to be my Crawling Claw which is still one of my favourite looking pets but falls a little flat on abilities. Even so, it was the first undead I levelled to full.