A while ago, I wrote about my Striker set from AQ40 and while running the place a couple more times since then, I’m still missing the belt and gloves. But today, Huga managed to get his hands on his five Genesis Raiment pieces. I had no idea what the set looked like until I saw the big reveal, post-mog.

Now it’s no secret that I love my Blood Elf and I would turn all my toons to Blood Elves if it didn’t cost so much (class permitting of course). Although I had the opportunity to turn my Hunter back into a tauren today, I refrained even though I do miss the plaits, war stomp and feigning over her hoof sometimes. I also can’t deny that she looks quite smashing in her sets as an orc but after we both mogged our sets to our colourful AQ ones, we opted for the next best thing.

Sindorei and AQ40 Sindorei trap

Oops, I forgot to show my helm. It sure is cheaper than a race change though.