There’s a rare on the Isle of Giants which spawns on the top deck of the boat just off-shore.

War-God Dokah

Initially we tried the fight as two DPS but that didn’t work out too well so we were going to give it one more shot as tank/heals. It went a lot better with this combination.

For a 92 rare elite, he has five abilities:


Each ability is avoidable or a non-issue if you are mindful and communicate. Fear Ward was very handy here although it wasn’t up for every cast so on occasion one would be feared and pull an extra. The floor is a bit glitchy on the bow of the ship as I ended up going between the two levels. At one stage I died after being caught in his AoE after a fear but managed to continue with no other mishaps. The Vengeful Spirits can be CC’ed – stuns are great and can also be rooted but with adds close by, I didn’t want to chance it. The Meteor Showers are easily avoided and the scarabs are hardly worth mentioning.


At ~37% we picked up 6 extra adds after being feared around but still managed to kill the rare with all adds still up.


He dropped some Rep Insignias (worth 1000 rep each +bonus) – 2x Shado-Pan, 2x Klaxxi, 1x August Celestials, 1x Big Bag of Zandalari Supplies and 1x Small Bag of Zandalari Supplies.

For a 23min fight it was a pretty nice drop, noting that the insignias are BoA and boosted by rep commendations. Would I do it again? Maybe not but thx Veluxia for telling me about him :)