One of eleven rares on the Isle of Thunder, he is not required for the Champions of Lei Shen, although he still drops a rather unique item –  Ra’sha’s Sacrificial Dagger. Getting to him may be a little tricky for some since his cave is guarded by two elites.

It appears that you will need to be the first to tag him though in order to have looting rights so group up (if needed) for a chance at his loot table. You may be lucky if trying this solo, since no one was around when we tried it and we only needed to kill him twice for both daggers. However, his drop is not 100%.


The dagger will display some pretty gruesome blood splatter as we displayed several times but the visual doesn’t always appear to be present as shown in the last shot.


This item has several uses which may come in very handy for many:

  • No durability loss
  • Quick raid wipes
  • When a PVP match goes sour, prevent them from getting the killing blow
  • Palis can reminisce about losing DI by using this instead
  • RP scenarios/videos
  • Duel a low-level twink and make his/her day

the list goes on…

Edit: 5.2 hotfix – This item has since been nerfed with a 1sec cast and 30min CD.

So what’s the most creative way you’ve used yours?