Wings are nothing new for a priest/paladin, Hawkwoman, falling with finesse or even the new wild pet we’ll be seeing in Northrend soon.

In fact, I always thought the priest and pali wings were kind of cool but who needs Red Bull when you can have Daedalian Wings like these? During the Ji-Kun fight in Throne of Thunder, I saw a feather after the raid had ended so I decided to try it out.

Ji-Kun Ji-Kun-feather Ji-Kun-wings

Ok, that mace kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. You’d think it would weight me down more.

Now I can’t remember if these wings are the same as the ones you get in the Alysrazor fight (since I’ve only flown once) but there’s nothing like the first time – when it’s not so hectic!

No luck on the raid pets yet, unfortunately. Hope you’ve had better luck.


The other day in Black Temple, I noticed some of the concubines wearing these cute little outfits. That’s some pretty stylish underwear if I do say so myself. Too bad we can’t wear it…


Oh and you can’t have too much of a good thing, can you?


Kalecgos seems to agree.