I can’t remember the last time I’ve had this many achievements in a day so it was exciting to see my tally moving again. There was also an opportunity to do Nalak (the new world boss) last night but I decided against it seeing that his respawn rate is like the Sha, but more importantly, Cool wasn’t on at the time.

Today I noticed that the Darkmoon Rabbit was up but with hardly anyone around, I figured we could get our first Nalak kill in. While waiting for the group to form, I suggested a visit from Blingtron so we had a fun time watching the Hordies trying to jump for their daily gift, which is not unlike a recent FDWL comic which seemed very familiar – as Coolidge will tell you. He even made use of one of the gifts I gave him for his birthday this year.


Not surprisingly, a group of Alliance pulled him first but it wasn’t long before we had our kill as well. It’s a pretty straight forward fight though so he went down pretty quickly, even if I had the debuff several times in a row.


No loot unfortunately, even with my extra roll but I’m hoping to have better luck next week. I did get a nice DPS trinket from the Throne of Thunder though.

Around the same time, we worked on finishing our new Lorewalker achievements with just one missing from two of the three storylines and ended the run with our Ready for RAAAAIIIIDDD?!?ing achievement which proved a little too difficult on our own. It turns out we both came pretty close when discussing it earlier so we joined forces to complete it today. It worked out well on our first attempt with some nice placements of roach piles in the Crag.

Ready for Raiding

Now if I could just get a rabbit, eye or hat this week at the Faire.