There’s one achievement I’ve been wanting to do for a while on the Isle of Thunder. When it first opened, I even helped a group with Kros but his health didn’t seem to be going down that much so after a while (and being cross-faction), I left to finish some things up.

Then yesterday after some pre-planning, I managed to round up Navi, Luxy and then HK for a few of the summons starting with the one I needed for Pay to Slay.


We then proceeded to kill some more for the weekly – Champions of the Thunder King as well as a couple of others, leaving two to go before Navi had to head off.

I must say that they weren’t as hard as I thought, even though there were a few more challenging ones and it helps when we have someone who knows where they all are. There was a bit of a mishap when Backbreaker Uru appeared right when we had summoned the boss so it was a pretty fatal 30secs losing the summon in the process. Once we were ready, we killed the rare giving a few in the group their keys for the week.

I’d have to say the Incomplete Drakkari Colossus behind Lightning Vein Mine proved one of the most fun though.

Incomplete Drakkari Colossu

Today I organised another session to finish off my last two, as well as getting Cool his first kill with Luxy and HK DPSing again. The only one we wiped on was the Ancient Mogu Guardian summoned up by the Lightning Ritual Stone at the Emperor’s Gate. I always wondered why there were so many corpses there until I rode past the gate one day with all the tiles lit up. But after a short discussion describing the use of each tile, he went down a lot easier. In fact, they are the same ones found in the second room of the Treasure Trove scenario so they should be familiar to many.

Ritual Stone

Courtesy of Luxygaga

Here we are at Windweaver Akil’amon when Luxy’s fire elemental gets picked up – LOL! I’m sure she was thinking “I’ll save you (after I take this pic first)”… :P

Soon after that, I had the achievement – It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone.


A big thanks to Luxy, Navi, HK and Cool, as well as Holy who helped out a day earlier.