The other day I noticed how close I was getting to the last achievement in the series – Got My Mind On My Money so I’ve been keeping a keen eye on my progress. The best part was the account-wide credit which is just as well since I love doing my solo scenario each week. Granted I was only focusing on one or two characters for a while but the loot and gold were just too good to pass up.

With less than 2K to go, I set off to do the Treasure Trove scenario on all of my toons. Next came the old raid clears for my mounts and pets leaving me short 50G for the achievement. As I hearthed back to the Vale, I noticed a raid forming for a few of the world bosses so I joined. All I needed was a Galleon and Sha kill leaving me an extra 81G for my next repair most likely.

Got my mind on my money

Now if only my last mount would drop…