It seems fitting that the first BMAH purchase I made would be either a mount or a pet, especially when I’ve been that close to getting Mount Parade but when I noticed the Drake of the North Wind in there, I knew I would have to keep a watchful eye on this auction. With this in mind, I wanted to take a pic of Altarius in Vortex Pinnacle just in case I won. I figured either way if he dropped the mount, it would save me X amount of gold for another pet or something just as good.


There were only a couple of mounts I had in mind for my 200th – Ony being the other as I wanted something special and not just a filler so I’m happy to say this was the case.

As the auction neared its end, I placed my first (and hopefully only) bid while I kept a watchful eye on the chat. Several minutes passed and nothing, so far, so good. I decided to fill in the time by doing a PVP pet battle and mining until I saw the following…

You won an auction for Reins of the Drake of the North Wind

Whoo hoo! Time for a test drive.

Drake of the North Wind
Drake of the North Wind

But let’s not forget the Armoured Red Dragonhawk you get as a reward.

Armored Red Dragonhawk

Now to start doing dailies again :)