I couldn’t resist having a look on the PTR and for good reason. A few new additions in my pet journal included the new Rascal-Bot, Zergling, Terky, Murkablo, Deathy and the Onyx Panther so I tried a few pet battles to test out all of their abilities.

GruntyZergling Onyx-Panther-

A couple of these I haven’t seen before since they were only available in Taiwan and Korea so they made up a couple of my dream teams.


Then today there was this little beauty. She has some nice abilities including Life Exchange and another healing ability which I tried out during another pet battle.


In other news, I reached 100 wins for my PVP pet battles (on live) which isn’t quite half way but felt it was worth mentioning. This included one of the longest pet battles to date where a particular opponent let the timer lapse EVERY SINGLE TIME. Talk about dragging the game on… it took over 10mins but at least I won.

I also tried one of the Proving Grounds scenarios as Disc which was easier than I expected for bronze. I look forward to collecting these achievements on live and wonder how far I’ll get with endless mode. Time will tell…

I’m leaving the other stuff as a surprise though so the next part of the legendary will be fresh. No sign of the new minor glyph yet either.