I was meaning to farm this for a while, especially after a few reminders from Luxy and Navi so over two nights I farmed my Whole-Body Shrinka’ novelty item in the Barrens. It’s certainly a lot easier to farm the requirements for the weekly on my priest, especially after trying to do it on my pali (those caravans grr) but by the time I reached 491 stones, guess what pops on the map…

Overturned Stones

If only that spawned an hour earlier but at least I had them all to myself.

I ended up in excess of A LOT of stones but I figured I may as well do the weekly as well so I only had to farm a bit extra.

Cool always said he liked his pocket healer and today it became a reality. Unfortunately, it broke the transformation when I used my stonedrake… wouldn’t that have been funny to see – a full-sized blood elf on a miniature drake. Well, I guess you wouldn’t have seen the drake… it’s probably funnier in my head anyway.