I had an ulterior motive for logging onto the PTR. At first it was to try out the new glyphs, pets and Proving Grounds but then the Timeless Isle opened bringing with it lots of new possibilities. I was particularly excited about the Pet Tournament but it had yet to be implemented so that left… exploration and rares. It didn’t take long before the rare hunting took on a life of its own as the number surpassed 20.

It’s been fun looking though my journal every day to see any new pet additions but I was floored when I used one of the priest templates and saw Tyrael’s Hilt in there! OMG I couldn’t believe it! The other day I even saw the Ethereal Soul-Trader so I couldn’t resist taking them out as I’ve never been lucky enough to own them before.

Lil Tyrael

Thank you @warcraft for giving me an opportunity to own some of the rarest pets in the game, if only for a short time on the PTR. I never thought I’d have a Tyrael’s Hilt as well as several other highly sought after companions.

Someone asked if it hurts more because I have to give them back and I must admit it is bittersweet so I don’t have the heart to level Tyrael but luckily for me the Ethereal was level 25 already. I even took some short videos to try out their animations and I loved seeing my name attached to them but alas I know my love affair with them is intermittent =/ Maybe I should create a new page called ‘Only on the PTR’ for all the pets I may never own. Of course, I would hope to remove some of them in the future (if that ever changes to owned) but for now this will have to do.

So over the last few days I’ve spent a lot of time scouting out all the new rares I could find including camping a few of the locations for the ones which eluded me. Some were a lot tougher to get so I ended up dying a lot! Mind vision came in very handy for some but if I couldn’t get it any other way I would die in a good spot just to get a near perfect shot. I’ve always been a fan of getting a great action shot but I usually prefer to get a rare in their natural surroundings whether they are yelling crazy things at people or wanting to eat me.

Price of a good shot

Price of a good shot

Yep, that’s the rare running over me. I had managed to die in a good spot but just as I did, some knucklehead kited him away so I ended up laying there hoping they would die and he would reset. He ended up resetting twice in that time so I took what shots I could.

Champion chasings

Furry elites come in threes

This is a pretty dangerous stretch with adds all around you. Especially this elite trio who patrols The Blazing Way so I ended up dying a fair way up the path and then having to wait until they patted all the way back up. I managed to see them in range just as my auto-release was due to kick in.

Then there are the exploration videos for missing elements ghostly crew (minus the ship and cannons) or the smouldering chest that I was dying to loot so I could see what was inside. I know, priorities!

If you’re interested in what else the the Timeless Isle has to offer or even some priest or other offerings, keep an eye on my Youtube channel or subscribe so you don’t miss out on any new additions.