Last week a group of us headed into Ulduar to finish my legendary but due to various circumstances, it went a little skewy. Initially I was going to try and use an old save from the week before but I kept getting an instance error and could not enter. In the end, we started a new run, skipping the optional bosses since one was there on limited time. We even managed to grab a couple of achievements I still needed and saw the Starshard Edge drop from Mirimon which was exciting.

Must-Deconstruct-FasterCat-lady Major

However, there was false start on Yogg while I was upstairs talking to Freya so while I was waiting for the raid to wipe, I saw the following achievement pop.

They're coming out of the walls

A few seconds later, I was teleported down to die with the rest of them but in my case it was death by dagger. Unfortunately we lost two people to various circumstances and had to call it. I was so disappointed but what can you do? I apologised but thanked everyone for coming before telling them I would extend the raid another time.

Several days later I planned another raid and hoped for the best. I wanted to make sure the raid started without a hitch so I headed out only to run into the same issue – I couldn’t enter with an extended save. OMG! I asked Cool to invite me instead and extend the raid to see if that rectified the situation. Thankfully I did so I headed inside to send some of the Keepers down.

We had Navimie, Arvash, Luxy, Kamalia, Zeriah and Rezznul joining Cool and myself as well as Lucáh last week. The fight itself was pretty quick. In fact, he almost died before I was able to throw my item during deafening roar. By the time everyone stopped DPS’ing, he was at 2% so I just had to wait for him to do his thing. At first it wasn’t working because I didn’t have him targeted and then I was missing the throw window while trying to keep my sanity up. Finally, it worked. I could see the CD on the item but to be extra sure, I wanted to throw it twice. Once I saw the CD again, I told them we were good to kill him.

When I went to loot him, I auto-looted the item without realising and was wondering where the item was… until Cool tool me it was already in my bag. :P


After a quick photo op in front of the boss, we headed to the console room for the final step and after-party.

Val'anyr achievement
Val'anyr, Hammer

The sad thing was, I missed the Guild achievement when I hearthed back to the city due to a rather long loading screen =/

Thanks so much to everyone who joined me on my last step as well as anyone who had a hand in helping me along the way from old friends and guildies. But a very special thanks goes to Coolidge who may not have been with me for a few of the fragments but has been with me ever since.