I’ve been wanting to complete a number of these achievements for a such a long time that I decided to have a look at the more doable ones. Attention to Detail was definitely one of them so Cool and I headed out to try it.

Attention to detail

Turns out it was super easy so we were going to try School’s Out Forever but it couldn’t be completed with a partial group.

The next day I noticed Bomberman in my log so we flew over to the Gate of the Setting Sun to complete it.


This was another easy one which gave me the achievement before we even killed the boss. Before we left I checked to see if there were any more and noticed Conscriptinator. The most time consuming thing about it was to work our way to the mobs (which didn’t take too long at all).


Ah, it feels great to get another three out of the way. I think I’m in the mood for some Brawlers….