It’s been a pretty productive couple of days with a number of new pets and achievements finally. Earlier tonight I noticed I had 16K+ coins so I decided to try my luck with Bonkers. I had read that Kukuru’s Caches were also a good source for collecting Burden of Eternity so I decided to buy a few keys and see how I went. Turns out it only took 10 keys to find my pet so for an investment of 5000 coins, I managed to get 2600 coins back, as well as some Timeless Cloth Gloves, 1x Burden of Eternity, and Bonkers.


He’s a pretty aggressive looking bugger but I guess if I’d been locked in a chest all this time, I would be too. It also didn’t take long to find my Azure Crane chick which was a nice surprise as well as Xu-Fu from yesterday and the three wild pets.

In terms of achievements, I’ve been able to get a handful but my favourites would have to be these.

Where-There's-Pirates,-There's-Booty Eyes-on-the-Ground Extreme-Treasure-Hunter

But then there are the costumes:

Pirate-grogElixir of Wandering Spirits Lotus Defender

And that’s just for starters…