Seems my post the other day about Ordos worked, not only did I manage to kill him yesterday… he actually dropped something. I think Derevka inadvertently gave me some of his luck. Better still, I didn’t have to reforge a thing.

Derevkas Gleaming Girdle

Last weekend I completed Downfall, the last section of the Siege of Orgrimmar. All I can say is wow, that last scene was disturbing but I was excited to find out the identity of the new warchief. Great choice imo.

…not to mention the alliance version.

It was great to see this tree blooming amidst of the recent devastation of the Vale, much like flying through the Barrens after Deathwing’s destruction.

Vale bloom

Here’s the cutscene played out after Garrosh’s defeat.

Oh and I’m glad the technical issues were fixed after the mini patch last night. Trying to load into Org after so many attempts was not fun.