I only managed to get a little over fours hours sleep last night after watching a couple of weird movies on late night TV so after setting my alarm, I was able to catch (most of) the Warcraft Movie Presentation this morning. Even though they couldn’t give that much away, it’s hard not to get excited about the upcoming movie.

We now know that Lothar and Durotan will be two characters featured as well as the confirmation of certain female characters. I’m really looking forward to some sort of preview next year and seeing who they’ve cast but I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see the teaser footage from this year’s Comic-Con.

Here’s one I’m really excited about – UI improvements for toys and heirlooms.

You’ll now be able to collect all of your favorite toys and fun items without the guilt of having to delete them for additional inventory space. Puntable Marmot, I’m looking at you.

Tox box

I’ll be able to regain so much space from this but so many items I’ve already destroyed… =/ I’m hoping at least the Archaeology ones will be retroactive since the discovery remains in our journal even if it’s no longer in our bank/bags.

Heirlooms are now truly cross-realm and account-bound. All characters on the account (new and old) will be able to summon the heirlooms that have been unlocked straight into their inventories!

The more I hear about garrisons the more interesting it sounds, especially since they’ll reflect our faction and racial denominations although I was curious about something.

I do wish they were account-wide though and not defined per character. That’s too much like the farm. It would also be cool if we could see our alts hanging around the garrison too.

On the other hand, we’ll be able to breed our pets for a chance at epics. That sure sounds cool but I’ll have to see how that works out in-game or on the beta.

Now as Blizzcon winds up for another year, I would have loved the opportunity to catch up with a lot of you in person. Hopefully next year.