Even though I love collecting achievements, the opportunity for the scenario, dungeon and raid variety don’t present themselves too often so I was excited to work on a few tonight. Now with Navi and Tacky to keep me company, I queued us up for the eight scenarios I needed. First up was Assault on Zan’vess which wasn’t too bad, at least it shouldn’t have been. I’m not sure how many swarmers died but we ended up failing For the Swarm the first time. To be safe, I took of my legendary cloak before we engaged the Commander netting me the first achievement for the night.

Next came Dagger in the Dark with three achievements needed. Unfortunately we stuffed up the first one Watery Grave but managed to get the other two – No Egg Left Behind and You Mean That Wasn’t a Void Zone?

Dagger in the Dark

I re-queued for Dagger in the Dark so we could try and get that missed achievement but ended up in the Crypt of Forgotten Kings.

What the?

Soon after we entered, Tacky went AFK so Navi and I started on the first boss. It was going fine until I died towards the end.


While Navi finished him off, I took the opportunity to look at the scenario list again. I wanted to make sure that Dagger was the only one selected – and it was… at least under normal :P

Yep, it seems that I wanted to do Crypts months ago and never did which is the reason I didn’t notice it tonight. Doh!

The rest of the scenario went a lot smoother until we got to the last boss and found our stacks dropping for Fight Anger with Anger or were getting boxed in on the lower level. As a result we had to wipe twice but got it in the end.

So that’s four more out of the way. Thx again you two. :)

In the meantime, it looks like I’ll be left to my own devices for a week while Cool is in the process of upgrading his computer.

Here’s what remains for easy reference:

Dagger in the Dark

Watery Grave

Brewmoon Festival

Binan Village All-Star

A Little Patience

We’ve Been Dancin’

Battle of the High Seas

Keep those Bombs Away! (From Me)

Unga Ingoo

Monkey See, Monkey Kill
The Keg Runner

Greenstone Village

Save it for Later

Most of those are easy peasy. It’s just a matter getting two other people together and the right NPCs.