This may not have been the fastest of reputation grinds but I’m certainly glad it’s over thanks in part to WoW’s 9th Anniversary buff. Apart from the daily and killing the odd yaungol mob, my Emperor Shaohao rep was slooow. Then out of curiosity, I noted the reputation gains from each section so I could determine how adventurous I felt that day.

Ordos Santuary Firewalker Path and the Blazing Way Firewalker Ruins
Urdur 44 Kilnmaster and Chanter 22 Oathguards 10
High Priest 27 Berserker 16 Candlekeeper 6

The Time-Lost Artifact is the only purchase I’ve made together with the Scroll of Challenge although I did have some fun with the Celestial Defender’s Medallion a couple of times. I do intend on buying one at the end of the expansion though.


At exalted you can buy the Reins of the Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent for 100,000 Timeless Coins although I still had 31,935 leftover. Considering the number of Harmonious Porcupettes I’ve purchased over the last few weeks, I don’t really have anything else to spend them on so I guess I’ll be buying more porcupettes until I’m done with the achievement. Sadly, there’s only been one addition since my last update so I feel like I’ll be stuck on the Isle indefinitely with fourteen left to go. There really needs to be a higher drop rate on these unique items.