There’s been a lot of interest in the human vs orc origin story but my excitement kind of went into overdrive as the cast was revealed by @Legendary Pictures. Several actors were rumoured to play major roles in the film but we now have confirmation.

I admit that I didn’t really recognise any of the names until I did a bit of research on imdb. It’s always nice to put a face to a name so here they are.

Rob Zazinsky

Rob Zazinsky

This was followed soon after by a tweet which read:

I knew I had seen his face before but I couldn’t quite place it until I remembered his role as Warlow in True Blood. Now the fact that he’s such a warcraft veteran makes me giddy. His /played statistic made me wonder about my own though… (edit: 438 days – after changing my main once in BC).

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel in Vikings

I can’t say I’ve seen Vikings but I did catch him in the short-lived Tarzan TV series – not to mention he’s an aussie.

Paula Patton

Paula Patton

Played Jane Carter in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Toby Kebbell

Toby Kebbell

As seen in Prince of Persia and Wrath of the Titans.

Ben Foster

X-Men Angel

His most notable role (at least for me) was as Angel in X-Men: The Last Stand.

Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper who plays Howard Stark in the Captain America movies, is currently in the final stages of negotiation with Universal Pictures.

Further details of the movie were revealed on Variety.

I must say I was quite excited when Colin Farrell and Johnny Deep were mentioned but even with this lineup, I’m getting more and more excited about the finished product.

Here’s what the director had to say last week:

When you look at the concept art below, it’s not surprising. I can only hope the movie lives up to the hype and with such a high calibre list of names associated with the film, it helps when so many are passionate about the immersive world we’ve created for ourselves.

Warcraft movie-Dalaran-concept artWarcraft movie-Draenor-concept artStormwind-concept-artIronforge

It’s already been revealed that Lothar and Durotan will be two of the main characters while Khadgar and Medivh may also play a part.

Production is due to start in January 2014 with a March 2016 release.

So… any guesses for which roles they’ll play?