The OLRG headed into Firelands with exactly ten including Matty, Tome, Shoryl, Helke, Taik and Starre. This allowed us to tackle everything without much trouble until we planned on completing the Bucket List achievement. Not an Ambi-Turner was easy since we only had to focus on one leg.

Not an Ambi-Turner

Even Baleroc was an easy burn.


But one near wipe was all it took to get Shannox down a second time. Granted we needed to look up where the Path of Corruption was and it helps when the tank doesn’t die :P

Luckily we didn’t need to go far when we reached the path to Beth’tilac’s enclosure although I later read that you could just kite him along the cliff closest to her room for credit. As you can see, we managed to kill him just in the nick of time.


As someone mentioned afterwards, Rag seemed pretty anticlimactic after kiting Shannox around the whole zone and I’d have to agree. It might take a couple more trips to get the other six I need for Glory of the Firelands Raider but in the meantime, thanks for the fun and achievements guys. I hope the rest of your run was just as eventful.