When I began this post I had two new items to report but I’m excited to say I’ve had three drops (in total) over the last two days beginning with some Glowing Green Ash from the Spirit of Jadefire. Opening it revealed two pages of enchanting materials including a Sha Crystal, shards and a lot of lesser materials.

Then today the Sunset Stone FINALLY dropped from Urdur the Cauterizer. This was especially exciting after seeing it drop twice for Coolidge over two consecutive days last week. With four weather stones, I find it a little redundant since the Isle is stuck in a perpetual sunset state.

OK, so I’m starting to think they may have increased the drop rate on some of these items because Huolon spawned while working on this post. OMG, the Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent!


Now I could have just taken a photo but this video seemed like a more fitting end to a seemingly endless farm. I recorded it from the PTR sometime before the Timeless Isle went live. As you can see, I couldn’t zoom out that much but it still offered a unique perspective compared to other forms of travel on the Isle.

Here are my eight six outstanding items:

Woot! This seems a lot more doable than it did last week :D

Edit: Holy crap, make that four items with the Ashen Stone – the last weather stone I needed.

I just hope it’s not too easy now. The achievement won’t be as exclusive like the Relic Hunter title should have been. I still think it should be hard to get but it’s not really worth a measly 10 points. Only true achievement hunters will understand how much of an effort this really is.