Over the last few days, I’ve been able to knock two more dungeon achievements off the list. First we headed into the Siege of Niuzao Temple so I could complete Run with the Wind which was quite fun to complete. Then today we tried The Obvious Solution in Shado-Pan Monastery before I remembered a post from Warcraft Less Traveled about the Shrine of the Unseen Force.


I admit it was quite tricky getting to the island with the shrine, especially for a non-engineer. I thought I would be ok using levitate but after finding an invisible wall on top of the tiger statue outside the Sha of Hatred’s room, I decided to try a different location but it wasn’t much better. Having so much trouble getting to the shrine while Cool casually glided over to the island made me want to switch to engineering right that minute.

On the Timeless Isle, I often take a running mounted jump off from the top of Ordon’s Sanctuary towards the Blazing Path, sadly it didn’t quite work on top of the tiger’s head or on top of one of the close pillars. I ended up floating down to the rock just under the level I needed to reach the shrine. After a few more attempts, I levitated down before Cool rescued me from the rock with his two-seater mount.

Apart from the shrine, we found two stealthing assassins which only had this line to say.


Clicking on the Shrine of Unseen Force will give you a buff which increases your chance to hit by 90%. This is particularly handy for the Hate Leads to Suffering achievement where you have to defeat Taran Zhu after every party member has accumulated full hatred via Haze of Hate. Cool and I completed the achievement over a year ago with our tank and heals combo but for fresh 90s this may be a desirable buff to have.

This just leaves School’s Out Forever before I’m eligible for Glory of the Pandaria Hero and another mount. We just need three more people to help us do it.

About 10 minutes before server maintenance, I hearthed back to Org to make it official. Goodbye enchanting… hello engineering.


Looks like I’ll be pretty busy tomorrow.