After my trip into Ulduar this week and picking up the gloves from my Sanctification Regalia set, I decided to go through my bank and void storage just to see how close I was to completing any of the Ulduar sets. Turns out I’m only missing the shoulders from my yellow set on 25 while I’ve actually completed the recoloured version of my mauve coloured Sanctification Garb. This made me look at how many sets I’d like to work on including the Kirin Tor recoloured version especially when the shoulders remind me slightly of the shaman shoulders from SoO.

Cant-do-that-while-stunned Not-So-Friendly-Fire Shadowdodger

In other news, I’ve been pretty busy over the last few days, levelling up my engineering while my pali provided most of the ore I needed. Yesterday I even made some notes (in case I ever decide to level a fourth engineer) and told myself I would only use my easy 5pts from the Darkmoon Faire when I was stuck on a certain material.

Working on new profession has given me a pretty well needed reprieve from all my time on a certain Isle. Unfortunately, there’s nothing new to report on that front but in the meantime, there are still some toys I’d love to finally make for my priest.


I also thought these mecha-spiders from Ulduar would make a cool engineering mount. Well, 20pts to go and I’ll be ready to make my goggles and other toys.