Hearthstone may have officially launched but was I the only one to be surprised by this news? I admit my main interest is WoW but when I started seeing Hearthsteed pics, I decided to find out more about it. For a free game, it can be pretty addictive, especially in the beginning. The day I started playing back in October, I was surprised by all the slick animations and voiceovers.

My¬†first match in play mode turned out to be quite amusing as I was itching to try out a priest deck. Naturally Coolidge battled (or should I say slaughtered) me with his pali deck. Well, it was all still new to me and would never have known the matches took that long if I hadn’t recorded it.

Hearthsteed mail

To earn your own Hearthsteed, all you have to do is win three games of Hearthstone in Play or Arena mode. You should then receive your achievement and mount after logging in to WoW. For some, the rewards have been instant, for me… not so much. If you’re having trouble collecting your rewards, you can try restarting the Battle.net launcher and WoW as suggested in the forums but this didn’t work for me until I logged back into Hearthstone and out again.

Here’s what a blue had to say on the forums:

The servers are currently experiencing some delays in regards to picking up the Mount Up! achievement on the World of Warcraft side and we are currently working on it. If you have already earned the Mount Up! achievement in Hearthstone, don’t worry, once the server catches up you will properly receive the Hearthsteed mount on your World of Warcraft account. Please note that the Hearthsteed can only be earned from the Americas region of Hearthstone at this time.

I wasn’t quite sure how fast it would take to win three matches since I literally hadn’t played for months and this ranking system was new to me so I headed into play mode with my trusty priest deck. As the match went on, I felt more and more rusty, which I quickly told Neo as he cheered me on but I was surprised to walk out with a win in my first match. That soon faded when the next few weren’t that evenly matched.

As a fresh rank 25 player, I was surprised to see several rank 23 opponents but that’s the luck of the draw I guess. Neo said it took a while to get his done and that seemed to mirror my experience although I probably shouldn’t have been watching TV while completing my matches. It really didn’t help my concentration (which is why I kept looking over the same cards) but I ended up getting my wins against against a pali and 2 mage decks.

The first match whittled me down to 5 before I started to turn the match around. I’ve never forfeit a match and this is why. Unfortunately, I couldn’t record the second since my HD was full and I couldn’t minimise the game (even in fullscreen mode). By the time I got to the third match, I didn’t even get to use my ability before the match abruptly ended! Check out the video, if interested.

hearthsteed flying

When the pegasus model was first datamined, there were two different versions thought to be Alliance blue and Horde red but it appears the red model will be coming later.