Talk about an exciting day for collectors and hoarders. I immediately noticed a number of achievements including the Collector’s Edition mount and pet. It was also great to see The Search for Fact, Not Truth – the only available archaeology achievement before the expansion officially goes live.

red portal

Before I’d even logged in, the Toy Box showed 27 archaeology and quest rewards. As I slowly added more, I received another achievement – Having a Ball (and that’s just from my main) bringing my collection up to 56 items.

I hadn’t even opened my Void Storage and could say 24 free slots was a great start to my poor overloaded bags. My mage must be a fantastic tailor because her bags have endured a lot of stress over the years.

My mail box had the other three challenge mounts waiting and justice point conversion added another 1800G to my bank balance.

hunter hearthing

As I logged onto my other toons to add another toy here and there, I noticed hearthing is serious business – at least for a Tauren. It makes me wonder how many made a trip to the Barber Shop today?

Meanwhile, my mage is ready for all the new pets in Draenor.

Pet ready

Now to see about that whelping…