Ever since we were told the Butcher could finally spawn in non-LFD versions of Scholo, I’ve been even more determined to see him before the expansion hits. I saw people seeing him after the first day after the hotfix and wondered why I was still having such bad luck of never seeing him before now.

After a rather nerve-racking day, I hoped for some good RNG but it didn’t happen. Today I heard him yell after Rattlegore hit the floor.

The doctor is in!

As soon as I entered the next room, I noticed the usual first trash pack has been replaced by Doctor Theolen Krastinov himself. At 90, it was a really easy kill.

Doctor K Doctor K dead

This brings my Toy Box up to 110.

Bag of Horrors

Short of three more Pandaria drops, I’m just about ready for Warlords!

See you all in Draenor.