It started out so well. We were doing fine until we reached the trash before Gehennas. People pulled trash just as we pulled the boss so we ended up wiping a few times because it happened twice. Even when we cleared the corehound (to prevent another accidental pull), we had a couple of people pull extra trash causing more near wipes. By the time we reached Garr, more trash started respawning and a few more wipes happened at Baron Geddon and Shazzrah.

I was really close to leaving around Garr but Cool convinced me to stay. I kept thinking of Hatespark the Tiny. Surely that was enough to keep me there but LFR can be really painful when some idiot keeps pulling random stuff from the previous room and wiping the raid over and over.

A few kicks happened which I don’t think were entirely deserved but even I was happy to see the tail-end of a mage who would pull a mob, ice block and then run away as he tried to act coy afterwards. It took about 20mins to see the kick go through as more people witnessed the stupid stuff he was doing. Thankfully things ran pretty smoothly after that as we finally cleared past Major Domo.

100 MC fishing

After 3.5hrs, we were finally looking at Rag as one of the few original members left in the raid. I just hoped I would have a pet to show for it. Sadly, I didn’t but Cool was lucky to get one. I was so relieved for him because neither of us wanted to do this again but knowing how much I wanted the pet, he boxed it up and traded it to me. What a sweetie!


You also get the Core Hound Chain as a reward for completing Boldly, You Sought the Power of Ragnaros and a 640 helm.

MC crown

Phew, glad I don’t have to do that again.