The past six weeks have been a pretty expensive endeavour with all the garrison upgrades and whatever else I’ve needed to buy since embarking on my next adventure into Draenor. Some of that has involved repairing my latest acquisitions – thanks in part to everyone who has visited me in Gorgrond over the last few weeks.

Coolidge surprised me with the Son of Sethe on Christmas Day while Luxy had something waiting in the postbox for me – Zomstrok. I am currently sitting just over 2K shy from getting revered with the Arakkoa Outcasts but Cool managed to get the garrison mission he needed to help with the last bit of rep for the pet. On the beta, I was lucky enough to farm Zomstrok after only 20mins but have not had much luck on live.

sethe Zomstrok-x

Thanks, guys! :)

I gave Coolidge an epic neckpiece with perfect stats (first go), Luxy an Eye of Observation and Navi scored an Albino River Calf. I’ve only managed to kill Oromo the Observer once but hopefully, that will change very soon. At least I was lucky enough to see the Servant of Demidos the first and only time I’ve killed him.

Hope you all had epic celebrations with your friends and loved ones.