The Apexis dailies have been a great motivator to get a lot of my achievements done. Granted they aren’t the most effective way to complete the objective but it sure feels satisfying when I see that achievement flash. Sometimes I need to spend more than one attempt getting them done over a two day period. I know you can just abandon the quest to pick it up again but since the achievements are dependant on spawns, it’s time-consuming. Sure you can switch to less populated servers or wait when it’s not actually the daily but there are usually other things I’d rather be doing. That and the fact you can’t interact with the item you need for progress.

United We Stand

There are two that come to mind – United We Stand and Bobbing for Orcs. While one requires you to free 10 guards in the Market District and surrounding areas, both Captive Sha’tari Peacekeepers and Captive Sunsworn Honor Guards count. Plus, a macro can help you target these guards very easily so it can be done in one sitting.

Bobbing Orcs

The most annoying thing about the next achievement was killing the Sargerei Soul-Twister each time. With one guarding each set of stairs, they are easy to kill but you really don’t want to kill anything more than you have to otherwise your objective will be complete before you want it to be.

Charged Up

One of the more annoying achievements required you to kill 30 Shadow Council members while under the effect of an Arkonite Crystal. Now killing 30 mobs may seem easy when all you need to do is stand in close proximity to the crystal but when the crystal adds 20% to your progress bar, it’s hard to stop other players from clicking it when they’re not after the achievement. This happened twice but thankfully you get to keep what progress you’ve made while waiting for another crystal to spawn.

For Breaker of Chains, I’d been riding around Bloodmaul Stronghold when I noticed 4 or 5 cages spawn pretty close to one another. By now I was about halfway through the achievement but decided to stay put so I could farm cages without the need to kill any mobs. Each cage added 2% to the progress bar so I had to be very careful not to kill a rare or eat some roaches otherwise I would be over my quota for the daily. Sadly, I was sitting at 49/50 when the quest completed but I wasn’t going to abandon it just for one cage. That 2% could wait!

Cool was a big help for one of those achievements even though he managed to get another one (effectively TWICE) while I was trying to get it once! To be fair, I had left the area and come back later (without handing in the completed daily) as I was still able to get the buff I needed from the mobs. I assumed I would be able to come back later with Cool and get it done then but it didn’t work. I wasn’t getting the effect I needed from the mobs. Oh well, live to try again another day, I guess.


Navi even helped me with one at Everbloom Wilds as well as a couple of invasion achievements which have eluded Cool and I since we always do those on our own. We were only missing the gold from the Ogre invasion and having a third person meant we could also get invasions are better with friends.


I have to say I really enjoy invasions and the only tough one is the Ogres if you’re only running them with two people so thanks you two. :)