Back in 2011, I was fortunate enough to do part of the legendary chain for Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. At the time, it proved quite challenging since I wasn’t playing much shadow but was excited to see how far I could get with that epic questline. Once I had completed the Nexus, my progression kind of stalled as I slowly worked on collecting the four charged foci required for the quest. Around that time, Dragon Soul was coming out so we no longer had the time to continue farming FL for people when we only raided two days over the weekend.

Up until MoP, Delegation remained in my log for the longest time. I even held onto the two dull and two charged foci taking up 4 precious bank spots so I eventually had to destroy the items to regain some room.

A couple of months ago, I wanted to pick up where I’d left off so I headed back to Mount Hyjal to collect the quest from Kalecgos. Having never soloed Firelands, I thought I’d run it on 10 just to see what it was like. It was a quick and easy run – just as you’d expect. Once I had the Branch of Nordrassil, I continued to run it on 10 for the start of my 1000x cinders farm. However, over the next six weeks, I bumped it up to 25 to make my farming sessions a little faster including the 250x Smouldering Essences for the Heart of Flame. It turns out I was short a measly 3x Smouldering Essences last week. Can you believe it? THREE so I set it back to 10 for an extra fast run.

OMG! So close now.

When you hand in the quest to Hallegosa in Orgrimmar, you find yourself at the centre of a very special ceremony held in your honour.


Kalecgos says: Welcome, friend. We’ve been expecting you.
Kalecgos says: You are to be congratulated for your success in the Firelands.
Kalecgos says: But praise alone will not suffice.
Kalecgos says: We owe you a great deal for the part you have played in the destiny of our flight.
Kalecgos says: Present me your staff, that we may endow it with great power.
Kalecgos says: Finally, Tarecgosa, our beloved sister whose essence you have generously borne, has chosen this staff as her permanent home.
Kalecgos says: May her presence be a source of comfort and companionship to you.

tarecstaff  twotarec

I have to admit, I was expecting to see a huge spectral version of myself sitting on Tarecgosa’s back like other recipients of the staff but hey, I have a new legendary weapon that transforms me into a dragon.

tarecpet The Stuff of Legendstarecholdstaff

Here’s to another legendary guild achievement and adorable little friend.