For a free game, I figured it shouldn’t be too bad getting 20 levels for a pet but I haven’t been feeling that motivated to play more than 3 matches at a time. So far, it’s been a mixture of AI (against the computer) and Quick Matches (against other players) but after completing 3x AI matches with real teammates earlier, I was disappointed to only receive XP from that first match. This was particularly frustrating since I was close to reaching the level 10 perk – a free Stimpack granting a 7-day XP (and gold) bonus. I’m not sure if that was just a bug or a way to force players to use Quick Match but I’m in no rush to get those next 10 levels. Well, that’s not entirely true. I just want to get it done but let’s see how far I can get with that Stimpack in play.

In the meantime, there are two other perks:


Level 12 unlocks this cool Hearthstone cardback, plus the following mount in Heroes of the Storm. You just need to level one World of Warcraft toon to 100 to be eligible for the mount. Easy peasy.

Heroes Pet & Mount

Also, any players with 100 Hearthstone wins in Play Mode will receive a brand new Hearthstone Card Mount in Heroes of the Storm.


Ultimately, it’ll be nice when I can finally add Graves to my collection and from what I’ve read, he’s pretty OP.