In two days, I’ve added 11 more pets to my collection including one of two Periwinkle Calves looted that first day of legendary battles. I’ll probably end up adding a few of these to my Draenor circuit, most likely the ones closest to a flight master like the Cursed Spirit, Vile Blood and Dreadwalker. At least until all pets are levelled making me that much closer to my pet monument.

NethaerasLightI spent quite some time trying to locate Nethaera’s Light in Dalaran and was hoping it wouldn’t bug out like it did for some others. Luckily it didn’t but may have been hotfixed by the time I found her. On the PTR, I knew of two locations (near the fountain and next to the statue by the Horde side bank) but ended up seeing her outside the armoury.

Crimsonwing Moth

For a couple of rare spawns, I wasn’t too motivated to find the Crimsonwing Moth or Sapphire Firefly but I still managed to find them without wasting too much time in either zone. It’s just a shame they don’t offer anything unique compared to that other elusive rare in Northrend.

The patch brought an interesting change to Ashran too as my NPC now stands in place of my father Belloc. Maybe this will inspire me to finally complete that quest I’ve had in my log for several months.

Earlier, I was battling a few terrors when I happened to get in on a kill for Doomroller, one of four elite champions needed for Hellbane. I didn’t realise it at the time but these elites have a chance to drop a Rattling Iron Cage containing one of three mounts (Armored RazorbackTundra Icehoof, Warsong Direfang).

Warsong Direwolf

One down, two to go. A fitting mount for a Hordie, wouldn’t you say? Speaking of Horde pride, if you haven’t voted yet, take a moment, won’t you? Oh and remember that rare murloc off the Talador coast? I can confirm he now drops loot but if it’s other treasure you seek, check out my new treasure videos from the Cave of Betrayal.