Things didn’t really work out the way I expected for this year’s #GamerSecretSanta since I was the only one to sign up for the the physical version in Australia. When I think about it, we had a pretty good run three years ago but only three of us (that I know of), signed up the following year. Oh well, it was a little disappointing but what can you do?

At least I had the digital swap to look forward to.

I ended up getting Pookachu who was totally new to me so I looked through her twitter feed and armoury page to get some ideas. Turns out she already had all the store mounts and her pets were just a few Collector’s Editions short. That left Brightpaw (which had yet to come out) so on the off-chance she’d have it by the time I could gift it, I’d try something more personal. Coolidge did a great job with her commission, even though he had to scrap the first sketch after I noticed Pookachu’s set had changed a short two days later.

Originally, I asked him to add her two cats but he decided to add a Horde/shaman crest instead. On the off chance she didn’t use the new avatar, I figured she might like a banner as well. That way, she could still use the commission, just in a different space.

Due to some RL stuff, my gift was a little delayed but TehKnuck sent me a code to use on a pet, mount or something else. It turns out the gift was a little more complicated to use since it was purchased in USD so I was unable to access it. Sadly, there’s just no way to convert the balance over to AUD so I had to send in a ticket via the Live Chat.

At first, I wanted to purchase Brightpaw and one of the four mounts I was missing but that would have been over the credit amount and was unable to split the payment another way. Then I suggested buying 2x Brightpaws and using one as a giveaway but sadly it wasn’t possible to gift outside of my account.


The remaining credit was used to add 20 days of free game time so it worked out in the end. Rhikalos warned this would be a one-time exception so just make sure your gift cards are in the currency of the recipient. This would be hard to do online since it defaults to your local currency so you may as well just gift the pet or mount to save any future hassle.

Thank you for the pet, TehKnuck. I’ve been hoping to add him to my collection since Blizzcon. :)