A few days ago, Warcraft tweeted:

We’re really excited for the #WarcraftMovie (together with the following two images)

People speculated whether these would be the in-game perks from buying a ticket but it seemed like a pretty obvious YES to me. This has pretty much been confirmed by Mamytwink‘s observation on the french site Kinepolis. The page states if you complete a transaction by May 24, you will be emailed a unique code* allowing you to download World of Warcraft and all expansions up to Warlords of Draenor, including a month of free game time and 4 transmogrifications inspired from the film.

Edit: Two achievements have been added to the PTR:

You just have to log in during the two months following the international premiere of Warcraft:

Beginning on May 25 through August 1, players who log in to World of Warcraft will receive a set of movie-inspired transmogrification items.

I don’t know about you but I think they look pretty sweet. Makes we wonder when we’ll see a similar offer here. Only time will tell.

Update: Additional movie promotions have started coming in.

In other movie news, Michelle Morrow recently wore the upcoming Alliance movie tee from Jinx and I have to admit, it looks really cool. I just hope the Horde version looks just as good.

Edit: Thanks to an agreement between Blizzard Entertainment and Jinx, the Czech Republic have finally obtained the rights to sell Jinx merchandise after years of campaigning.


There will also be another exclusive t-shirt in this month’s POWER Loot Crate.