In Patch 8.1.5, we’ll be getting a new set of Tortollan Seekers world quests. One is pretty straightforward if you’ve already saved countless turtles for the Beachhead quest except this time, you’ll be killing them as you play the role of a predator.

Cycle of Life

If that’s not your scene, you can always try the Calligraphy quests if you enjoyed those rune-drawing tasks from Narthalas Academy. This is a simpler version since you’ll only need to trace one of three basic shapes. Each faction will get their own version with Alliance sticking to Kul Tiras and Horde staying in Zandalar. To make it slightly more difficult, the outline only lasts a few seconds before it disappears so you may need to try this more than once. Achievement hogs will probably want to do them once for Master Calligrapher. Check out a preview of all the Calligraphy world quests on YouTube.

CalligraphyDrustvar How Are Your Calligraphy Skills?

What do you think about these new world quests?

Personally, I still love the helping Loh through the mazes and the shell game is a quick enough quest when you’re trying to complete three for the emissary. Beachhead is another story though. In the last couple of weeks, the targeting mechanic seems a little off when trying to shoot down the seagulls. Have to admit, knocking off a couple of turtles at a time was kind of fun.