A list of past challenges:

Hallow’s End Contests – Various contests including the one hosted by Kirina’s Closet.

Mog Busting – started by Shoryl, this challenge is a bit of a chain letter. I was lucky enough to be the first tagged to create a transmog outfit for her priest.

Mog Madness – the brainchild of JD Kenada, this encompassed five rounds of specific mogging criteria in a fairly fast paced timeframe.

Red Carpet Glamour – Neri’s June challenge asked us to Trim those nails, wash our hair, and take our hard-earned gold to the most expensive boutique we could find.

Mogolympics – Designed around the upcoming Summer Olympics, JD’s done it again with a theme based around ten outfits – nine medal events and the flag bearer representing your faction.

One Piece – WoW Insider set up a transmog challenge to design an outfit around one piece of gear whether it be a piece of armour or weapon.

ROYGBIV – Jstmel challenged us to mog the colours of the rainbow. Each month focused on one colour over six months.

Burning Crusade – Dragonray’s challenge only allowed gear from Outlands.