Item Boss Dungeon
Staff Nathrian Ferula Lord Chamberlain Halls of Atonement
Main Hand Fleshcrafter’s Knife Xav the Unfallen Theater of Pain
Off Hand Deathwalker’s Promise Mordretha, the Endless Empress Theater of Pain
Helm Depraved Physician’s Mask Doctor Ickus Plaguefall
Neck Muckformed Chain Choker Nurgash Muckformed Revendreth
Shoulders Sinstone Shoulderpadding Nurgash Muckformed Revendreth
Back Shroud of the Penitent Valinor Bastion
Chest Sinister Requiem Vestments Devos Spires of Ascension
Bracers Comfortable Slumberwraps Nurgash Muckformed Revendreth
Gloves Doubtweaver’s Handwraps Valinor Bastion
Belt Spine Crawler Waistcord Mortanis Maldraxxus
Legs Mueh’zala’s Hexthread Sarong Mueh’zala De Other Side
Boots Slippers of the Leafy Undergrowth Oranomonos the Everbranching Ardenweald
Ring Band of the Risen Bonelord Mortanis Maldraxxus
Ring Twisted Witherroot Band Oranomonos the Everbranching Ardenweald
Ring Death God’s Signet Mueh’zala De Other Side
Ring Bloodoath Signet Dessia the Decapitator Theater of Pain
Trinket Unbound Changeling Ingra Maloch Mists of Tirna Scithe
Trinket Darkmoon Deck: Repose Crafting N/A