With everyone stepping onto the Broken Isles next week, I thought it was time I shared my top picks for tackling all those Family Familiar and Battle on the Broken Isles achievements. In other words, these are the pets I’ve used the most in my 114 battles, so far.

Albino Chimaeraling – one of seven pets from the Big Bag of Pet Supplies (requires level 3 menagerie)

Darkmoon Rabbit – drops from the Darkmoon Rabbit on Darkmoon Island (requires Darkmoon Faire)

Warbot – sold by the Toy and Novelty vendor in your capital city or the toy shop in Dalaran

Iron Starlette – reward from the Iron Horde invasion in BlasChrominiusFae Top Pets for Legionted Lands

Chrominius – drops from Chromaggus in Blackwing Lair

Grumpling – looted from snow mounds in Frostfire Ridge (requires Winter Veil)

Anubisath Idol – drops from Emperor Vek’lor in AQ40

Dust Bunny – requires you to find and click the Dusty Rug in new Dalaran

Alarm-o-Bot – sold by Draemus (new vendor) in the Magical Menagerie, new Dalaran

Ashmaw Cub – short questline in Val’sharah (see video)

Stormwing – reward from collecting 600 unique pets

Honourable Mentions

Fel Piglet – sold by Draemus (new vendor) in the Magical Menagerie, new Dalaran

Wretched Servant – drops from Lady Sacrolash (one of the Eradar twins) in the Sunwell

These last two powerhouses can single-handedly take down a few of the Legion challengers, namely Odrogg and Nightwatcher Merayl, respectively.


With 146 Family Familiar and 38 Battle on the Broken Isles strategies to date, here’s my updated Top 10 Pet List for Legion.