Shiver me timbers, it’s International Pirate Day again!

Talking to one of the commoners around your major city will give you a 1hr buff to look like a pirate or head to Booty Bay to talk to Dread Captain DeMeza for a 12hr version. The effect lasts through death but as usual, you’ll lose it through shapeshifting. Also, if you have a drink with her, you’ll get the achievement The Captain’s Booty (if you don’t have it already). If you’re hated with Booty Bay you can still get the buff and achievement because the NPCs aren’t associated with that faction.

PirateDay2014ninja Pirate Day

“Aarrr! She’s a buxom beauty. Win the heart of that fair maiden by offering ‘er a stroke of ye parrot!”

For some fun pick up th’ Big Bag ‘o lovely Booty Great fer them who have too much gold ‘n want to dispense ‘o some ‘o their spoils.


Dress like a pirate

Wear ye best breeches and ye’ll shine like stars over the seven seas! Here are the mogs and RP sets I’ve come up with over the past year.


Shadow Pirate

Head: First Mate Hat
Shoulder: Mantle of Prophecy
Chest: Cindercloth Vest
Waist: Spellfire Belt
Hands: Infernoweave Gloves
Legs: Crimson Silk Pantaloons
Feet: Infernoweave Boots
Weapon: Siphoning Dagger
Off-Hand: Petrified Camel Haunch

Alliance Pirate
Alliance Pirate – Freestyle entry in the Mogolympics

So what’s your favourite way to celebrate?