In the Emerald Dream, there are ten hidden treasures to discover in Patch 10.2. A few are very straightforward while most are a little more involved. I hope you like landing on slippery tree branches.

Treasures of the Emerald Dream

These treasures may contain Flightstones, Dragon Isles Supplies, and generally one unique item.

Triflesnatch’s Roving Trove – contained a Plump Dreamseed

This was a time-consuming one to loot because you had to wait for the Triflesnatch to land on a few high branches. Let’s hope it doesn’t take me as long to land on that third tree branch when the patch goes live. Spoiler, it didn’t.

Crystalline Glowblossom – contained a Gigantic Dreamseed

Magical Bloom – 200 reputation with the Dream Wardens, 50 Dream Energy and a Gigantic Dreamseed

Reliquary of Ursol – contains the Visage of Ursol cosmetic headpiece and 50 Dream Energy

It appears druids can skip the buff if they shapeshift into a bear before interacting with the statue.

Reliquary of Ashamane – contains the Branch of Ashamane and 50 Dream Energy

Enter the Barrows of Reverie at 63, 71. As a bonus, I stumbled upon the rare Fruitface which is a requirement for the Adventurer of the Emerald Dream achievement. There’s a phasing issue if the world quest Dryad Fire Drill is up so complete it, leave the area then return.

Hidden Moonkin Stash – 200 reputation with the Dream Wardens, 50 Dream Energy and contains the Owl Post toy

Pineshrew Cache – contains the Fast Growing Seed toy

Odd Burl – 200 reputation with the Dream Wardens, 50 Dream Energy and a Plump Dreamseed

Reliquary of Aviana – contains the Branch of Aviana staff and 50 Dream Energy

Reliquary of Goldrinn – contains the Claw of Lo’Gosh fist weapon and 50 Dream Energy

Completing the achievement rewards the Forest Lord’s Antlers cosmetic headpiece.

Additional Treasures

Unwaking Echo – these can be found in four locations. You will generally find them around sleeping creatures. To interact with the treasure, emote /sleep to enter a dream state allowing you to loot the treasure at the following locations. Entering combat or moving too far from your body will cancel the effect.

Worth looting for 50 Dream Energy each per character.

  • 55, 22 Eye of Ysera
  • 55, 45 Lushdream Crags (inside a cave)
  • 46, 86 on a floating island
  • 69, 52 Ancient Bough

Other repeatable treasures like the Small Somnut and Laden Somnut contain 25 Dream Energy too.

Which one will you loot first?