Sholazar Basin is a lush tropical forest in western Northrend. It remains a popular zone for hunters since all three Sholazar Basin rares are unique and tameable. According to Petopia, you will need to be a minimum of 39 to tame them in Shadowlands. Given that Hemet Nesingwary plays a large role in this zone, it’s not surprising the two latter pets require the Beast Mastery skill. Players can also become an unwitting ambassador between the Oracles and the Frenzyheart tribes where you can earn some battle pets, a toy and a mount for the right reputation and luck.

Aotona - Sholazar Basin Rares

Aotona – a tamable bird of prey that spawns in central Sholazar and is a large version of the Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw).

Loquenahak - Sholazar Basin Rares

Loque’nahak – this gorgeous spotted cat was the first tamable spirit beast introduced in World of Warcraft. It can spawn in a variety of places making this very difficult to find. She’s a neutral mob and can spawn anywhere between 6-12 hours from her last tame or kill.

King Krush - Sholazar Basin Rares

King Krush – a green tamable devilsaur who mostly spawns by the western ridges in the zone.

Unfortunately, they are all part of the Frostbitten achievement to kill all of the extremely rare and hard-to-find Northrend creatures so you may see players opting to kill them instead.

Have you tamed any of these rare Sholazar beauties?