As we head off to protect the Emerald Dream, save the new World Tree and earn renown with the Dream Wardens, we’ll be able to add all these new battle pets to our collection. You know, if you like that sort of thing. ;P By the way, a quick shoutout to WarcraftPets for all the fabulous thumbnails.


bluelooBluelooFriends In Feathers

If you ever have an outdoor feast in the Emerald Dream, look out for wild blueloos. A blueloo won’t steal your picnic basket, but it will politely ask for some snacks.

Rescue 18 moonkin hatchlings during the Claws For Concern quest in Whorlwing Basin. Although you only need to rescue 6 for the world quest, you can do this on multiple toons or join a raid group to prevent getting credit, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the world quest to come back up. Thx to DragonAfterDark for the coordinates. (see video for how I did it)


sergeant quackersSergeant Quackers – Ducks In A Row (requires Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid)

When enemy combatants fly overhead, there’s only one thing to do. Duck.

ivyIvyDon’t Let the Doe Hit You On the Way Out (requires Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid)

Since you rescued her from Larodar, this grateful little doe hasn’t stopped following you around.

Pet Battle

dream badgerDream Badger – This is a rare spawn of Pewlings. I used a macro to target any Pewlings I came across and killed any non-combat versions to force a spawn. Eventually, I happened to spot one after a Superbloom event, so keep a lookout since I’ve noticed at least one during each one.

flooftalonA brown dream badger is a rare sight. Not so rare a smell though.

Flooftalon – you may need to kill some regular critters before you can battle one. There are quite a few at the south end of the zone ~48, 71.

The first thing you might notice about this creature is its huge expressive eyes. This is a mistake. Instead, focus on its razor-sharp claws.

fol'ya pupFol’ya Pup – found one at Amirdrassil (50, 60)

Keep it out of your backpack or it will eat all your food and then take a nap.

leyhartLeyhart – found one at Amirdrassil (50, 58)

This little one likes cheese, but most fawn do.

pale slumbertoothPale Slumbertooth – requires the Friendsurge Defenders toy to see the pets in the Emerald Dream zone. (see Wezmerelda’s video)

Locations include:

  • 34, 55 Peridot Coast
  • 34, 67 Whorwing Basin
  • 34, 62 Shiversnap Grove
  • 35, 62 Shiversnap Grove
  • 35, 53 Smoldering Redoubt
  • 35, 57

These creatures live in bushes and near trees, but they sleep so soundly they’re practically invisible. If you want to interrupt their dreaming, you’d best bring friends.


pewling rarePewling – can be a primary or secondary pet. There are three colours with the green glow being the rarest with a 1 in 71 chance of appearing. I found a couple of spots at Verdant Pass (37, 55) Skystone Falls (41,35) and Dreamsurge Basin (45,44) that happened to have three Pewlings on the team. I kept resetting the team until a green one finally spawned.

If you think the skunks of the Emerald Dream smell bad, pray that you never smell the skunks of the Emerald Nightmare.

sapnibbler rareSapnibbler – these can appear as either a primary or secondary pet. The rarer tan/orange one has a 1 in 71 chance of appearing so took a lot of resets when it appeared as a secondary pet.

Sapnibblers are always up for a game of hide and squeak.

Slumbertooth – found one at Summerjoy Shoul (43, 80)

As younglings, these critters need a lot of naps. Fortunately, adventurers’ backpacks make good napping spots.

Snaggletoof – There are a few locations where they peep out from under the bushes. I eventually found mine north of the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid.

25, 22 behind the Amirdrassil raid
57, 26 Eye of Ysera
49, 47 Lushdream Crags
37, 57
33, 68 Whorlwing Basin

Such toof. Such snaggle.


kal-anduKal’andu – Pick up the quest Burning Out from Solarys Thorngale located at Amirdrassil (51, 63).

Rescued from the Druids of the Flame’s onslaught upon the Emerald Dream, this juvenile faerie dragon has taken a liking to you — and to your food. Don’t leave your snacks unattended!

Dream Wardens

The following vendors are located in Amirdrassil near the Central Encampment flight path.

Dream Energy

Elianna <Dream Infuser> (50, 61)

At Renown 5 with the Dream Wardens, you will be able to infuse creatures with a new currency, Dream Infusion once you finish the Emerald Reawakening questline provided you have a pet with the same model you wish to collect. (see video)

Rithro – complete the quest Mean Green Infusion Machine from Elianna as part of the Dream Infusion intro.

rithrosnorrSnorr (1 Lesser Dream Infusion) – Quest: Green Dream Team
Requires Rithro from the tutorial quest to purchase. Learn and then summon Rithro so you can ‘unlock’ Snorr on the vendor using the currency provided by the quest.

Wyvern whelps are sleepy by nature. The dreams of wyvern whelps are doubly so.

dreamhoofDreamhoof (1 Dream Infusion) You must have a Dream Fawn pet in your collection to infuse a new one with dream energy – Ivy, Juniper, Leyhart, Mitzy, or Spruce

Be sure to sleep with some grass under your pillow so you can give this critter a snack while you dream.

dreamborne scarabDreamborne Scarab (1 Dream Infusion) – You must have a Primal Beetle pet in your collection to infuse a new one with dream energy – Endmite, Paulie, or Rango.

Compared to a fully grown dreamborne scarab, this is the lesser of two weevils.

drowseyDrowsey (1 Dream Infusion) – You must have a Rock Snail pet in your collection to infuse a new one with dream energy – Bashful, Brulee, Cobbleshell, Diamondshell, Roggy, Scarlapod, Thimblerig, or Tricky.

Is it a snail? Is it a dream? Is it the dream of a sleeping snail?

memorieMemorie (1 Dream Infusion) – You must have a Fol’ya pet in your collection to infuse a new one with dream energy – Fol’ya Pup, Napps, or Snoozles.

It is said that some animals dream in black and white. This animal only dreams in green.

reverieReverie (1 Dream Infusion) – You must have a Duckling pet in your collection to infuse a new one with dream energy – Mallard Duckling, Pilot, Plucky Duckling, Sergeant Quackers, or Wild Duckling.

The duck of your dreams… or perhaps someone else’s dreams.

somnoletSomnolet (1 Dream Infusion) – You must have a Pineshrew pet in your collection to infuse a new one with dream energy – Dustite, Sapnibbler, Seedle.

Dream on. Dream until your dream comes true!

Elmer pet drop

Talisa Whisperbloom <Dreamseed Botanist> (49, 62) sells six pets at renown 11.

The following pets can be purchased from Talisa for 1 Seedbloom or dropped from the Plump Dreamy Bounty after planting a Plump Dreamseed. Check out Lazey’s slideshow on how the Emerald Bounty works.

Dustite – Dustites scavenge among the roots of great trees for any small leavings they can find.

Elmer – I looted mine from the Plump Dream Bounty

Elmer once ate a whole cake all by himself. It wasn’t even his cake.

nappsNapps – This creature could sleep through another Cataclysm.

Seedle – Seedles burrow beneath plants in the emerald dreams and nibble at their roots.

Snoots – Snoots has a supernatural sense of smell. It’s not any better than normal, it’s just supernatural.

Snoozles – Snoozles was once given a choice between life in the timeless beautiful snowfields and life in a warm home with pet treats. We know which one he chose.

Moon Priestess Lasara < Renown Quartermaster)> (50, 61) sells two pets at renown 15

juniperJuniper – 375 Dragon Isles Supplies

Juniper’s unique colouration makes it hard to hide from predators in the Emerald Dream’s lush green foliage. She therefore made the wise decision to travel with you instead.

Spruce – 375 Dragon Isles Supplies

What Spruce lacks in speed, she makes up for with sheer stubbornness.


Dottie – Twitch drop

Don’t be fooled by Dottie’s soft coat and big eyes, her tiny, sharp teeth are for more than just munching on grass.

Watch my stream for at least 4 hours between November 7, 2023 (10:00 a.m. PST) to November 14, 2023 (10:00 a.m. PST) to earn the Dottie pet. Make sure your Twitch and accounts are connected at

lil frostwingLil’ Frostwing – WoW’s 19th Anniversary

Feel the chill nipping at your toes! A menace of Azeroth, now in festive blue and travel-size!

This is a recoloured version of Lil’ Deathwing from the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition. WoW’s 19th Anniversary event between November 16, and December 7, 2023.

lil wrathionLil Wrathion – Cataclysm Classic Blazing Heroic Pack

Tell them that I am free of my father’s madness, and I will be free of them as well. I am to be left alone: this will be my first and only warning. – Wrathion

This pet comes from purchasing the Cataclysm Classic Blazing Heroic Pack or higher.