I’ve fallen in love with a lot of the creatures in Pandaria, particularly from a Hunter’s perspective, although many (like the cats) are just gorgeous to look at. I previously uploaded all of the ones I’ve come across in my travels which you can find in my Wildlife of Pandaria gallery.

I’m looking forward to taming one of the new cats but with so many colours, it’s hard to decide which one I’ll end up getting. Here are just a few of them.

Summit Prowler1 Hunter Pets of Pandaria
golden tiger Hunter Pets of Pandaria
bamboo prowler1 Hunter Pets of Pandaria

There will be six new pet families available to Hunters in Mists.


Some of the Basilisks in Old Azeroth will be included in the six colours tameable, including Stranglethorn Vale. The one below may be found in The Jade Forest.

stoneskin basilisk1 Hunter Pets of Pandaria


There are six colours roaming around Pandaria – black, blue, brown, green, pink and white. However, only three of these appear to be tameable.

lotus crane1 Hunter Pets of Pandaria
crested bandit crane1 Hunter Pets of Pandaria
sunrise crane1 Hunter Pets of Pandaria


They don’t really appeal to me but maybe they do to you.

Wild Shaghorn


There are four colour variations in the game right now – blue, grey, red and white.

smoky porcupine2 Hunter Pets of Pandaria


Last night, Coolidge logged onto the beta to find that an Alliance hunter had tamed one of the Terracotta Guardians. They are classified as exotic (being Elementals) but how cool would it be to have one of your own? Blizzard seems to be in the process of working out how they want them to look as their skeleton has changed a couple of times now, they previously looked like a lion with the sleek neck.

terracotta Hunter Pets of Pandaria
Stone Guardian Hunter Pets of Pandaria

Water Striders

Another exotic tame, these pets look just like the mount you’ll get from The Anglers rep. This family also includes the Fen Striders and other look-alike creatures from Outlands.

Mirror Strider

So hunter lovers, who are you looking to tame?