The Timeless Isle is home to the Celestial Tournament, a unique challenge designed to test the leadership of its participants. Those who prove their worth with 15 maximum-level pets are granted an opportunity to befriend an embodiment of virtue – the progeny of the Celestials themselves. Click on each name to see the video strategy.

How often can you do the Celestial Tournament?

The Celestial Tournament is a weekly solo scenario.

How to enter the Celestial Tournament

Just head to the Celestial Court (34, 59) on the Timeless Isle and speak to Master Li to begin. Each time you win the tournament, Master Li will reward you with a single ceremonial coin. Once you have 3 Celestial Coins, you’ll be able to purchase one of the Celestial pets.

How to leave the Celestial Tournament

To leave, just right-click on your portrait and select the option to leave the instance group.

The first time you complete the tournament, you’ll receive a quest that rewards 2 celestial coins. That means you’ll be able to collect one pet that first week. Once you’ve defeated all the champions, you’ll receive the Master of the Masters achievement.

Stage 1 – Champions of Pandaria

Here are all the teams I’ve used to complete the Celestial Tournament. Some teams are based on the pets I had on the PTR (which were quite limited compared to what I have on live) but I’ve had the best level of success with these combinations. I try not to reuse a pet twice and in most occasions used more common pets for ease of replication.

Taran, Wrathion and Chen

Taran Zhu – Devouring Maggot, Macabre Marionette, Lost of Lordaeron

If you don’t manage to kill Li before he has a chance to feign, be aware that he will use it as soon as he steps in to battle a second time. He always uses his feign ability to block any attack you throw out so don’t waste your big hitters (with CDs) on him.

Wrathion celestial tournament

Wrathion – Darkmoon Rabbit, Kun-Lai Runt, Anubisath Idol

A rabbit is my pet of choice since it’s fast (Snowshoe Rabbit also works) and can block the frost bomb if timed right.

Substitutes: Snowshoe Rabbit (Dodge) and Curious Oracle Hatchling for the third slot

Chen Stormstout celestial tournament

Chen Stormstout – Son of Animus, Stunted Direhorn, Sea Pony

Team 2: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Stunted Direhorn, Aqua Strider

Elekk team: Draenei Micro Defender, Spawn of G’nathus

Ion, Sully and Cho

Ion Goldbloom
Dr. Ion Goldbloom – Lil’ Tarecgosa, Crimson Whelping, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot (Lil’ Smoky can also be used in place of the Blue Bot)

Elekk team: Darkmoon Tonk & Zeppelin

Sully "The Pickle" McLeary celestial tournament
Sully ‘The Pickle’ McLeary – Darkmoon Rabbit, Direhorn Runt, Amber Moth

Substitute: Snowshoe Rabbit in the first slot

Lorewalker Cho celestial tournament
Lorewalker Cho – Coilfang Stalker, Netherwhelp (Phase Shift) and Deathy (or anything with Darkness).

Substitutions: Untamed Hatchling (2nd slot), Dark Whelping (3rd slot) or Lunar Lantern (Blind) also works.

Team 2: Coilfang Stalker, Gregarious Grell and Dark Whelpling (or anything with Darkness).

Elekk Team: Coilfang Stalker, Gregarious Grell

Mari, Kiryn and Blingtron

wise mari celestial tournament
Wise Mari – Crow, Untamed Hatchling, Chuck

Team 2: Crow, Netherwhelp, Tiny White Carp

Elekk team: Gilnean Raven (P/S) & Lil’ Deathwing

Shadowmaster Kiryn celestial tournament

Shademaster Kiryn – Winter’s Little Helper, Crawling Claw, Darkmoon Zeppelin

Elekk team: Tiny Snowman & Lil’ Bling

Blingtron 4000 celestial tournament
Blingtron 4000 – Tiny Red Carp, Pygmy Direhorn, Grinder

Once you’ve defeated all three champions, you’ll be eligible for the final stage. Note that you won’t be able to leave, heal or bandage your pets during the scenario otherwise, you’ll forfeit any progress and have to start again.

Final Stage – Defeat all four Celestials in combat

The Celestial pets share the Elite buff which reduces all damage taken by 50% and cannot be dealt more than 35% of their health in one attack.

Yu’la, Zao, Xu-Fu and Chi-Chi

Yula battle
Yu’la – Feral Vermling, Kun-Lai Runt, Bonkers

Substitute: Peddlefeet (first slot) or Dandelion Frolicker (third)

I was curious to see how my Dandelion Frolicker held up against Yu’la since Bonkers has proven a strong choice in the past. Turns out the sprite is another great contender so if you’re having no luck with Bonkers, here’s another alternative.

Zao battle
Zao – Landro’s Lil XT, Clockwork Gnome, Darkmoon Tonk

Substitutes: You can use the Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (Call Lightning) or Lil’ Smoky in place of Landro’s Lil XT.

I’ve read about people soloing fights with just once pet but I’d rather see more of my pets participate. I do like to mix up my teams from week to week so who knows, I might try those overkill pets one week down the track – unless they nerf them.

Xu- battle
Xu-Fu – Sunreaver Micro-Sentry, Elder Python, Menagerie Custodian

Substitute: Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (slot one), Bananas (slot two)

With Call Lightning you want to get as many dots or multi-hitting abilities rolling on her so if you use the snake, apply both dots. Similarly, use Banana Barrage from the ape or with a spider, use web > swarm.

Chi-Chi battle
Chi-Chi – Unborn Val’kyr, Jade Oozeling, Chrominius

  1. Doom and then Unholy Ascension.
  2. Hit Corrosion twice since she’ll block the first one. Followed by Expunge.
  3. When the Jade Oozeling dies, don’t use Surge of Power yet because Chi-Chi will block the attack. Use a filler like Howl so the next attack (Surge) can finish her off.

Some battles are just fun to watch. :P

How many weeks will it take to collect all four Celestial pets?

Ten. However, if you’re only after one pet, you only need to complete the tournament once.

You can check out all my Pet Battle videos from the tournament as well as others on YouTube.