Garrisons are designed to play a major role in your progression so here’s a rundown on what you can expect in this garrison guide. The buildings you choose for each outpost will determine what blueprints you get for your Garrison, shape your questing experience, and provide different followers and unique buffs for that zone.

The Garrison Calculator can help you determine what plots to choose and how they will look once fully upgraded (only six of the central buildings may be altered) according to your plot choices.

horde garrison map

The Basics

Level 1 – One small and one large plot.
Level 2 – Two small, one medium, one large plot plus a Herb Garden and Fishing Shack
Level 3 – Three small, two medium, two large.

Soon after you establish your garrison, your architect will ask you to find and learn the barrack blueprints left in an unfinished plot. Construction requires an initial 350 resource cost and once you finalise the building, you’ll receive the Call to Arms perk.

Garrison Resources

The Garrison Cache initially contains 50 garrison resources with a variable amount every other visit to the garrison. This is because your cache automatically accumulates over time. Once your Town Hall is upgraded to level 2, the cache can be found along the right wall.

Full Garrison Cache garrison guide

Be sure to loot:

Lady Sena stash

Make an effort to loot all treasures and rares along the way or you’ll find yourself short when you reach the level cap. This is particularly relevant if you decide to dismantle one to two plots while levelling. You don’t want to be left scrambling to gather 2000x garrison resources because you can’t upgrade your Town Hall to level 3. The three wanted posters in the Spires of Arak reward 100x resources each. You can hold up to a maximum of 10,000 Garrison Resources.

Garrison Buildings

These standard buildings cannot be changed and unlock as you level. As a bonus, you’ll be able to pick herbs and mine nodes without needing the professions. Standard buildings have no Level 2 hard level requirement or outpost requirement.

Level 1 blueprints are available when your Garrison reaches Tier 2.

Town Hall

The central hub of all garrison activity. Access to your Architect and Mission Commander can be found inside. The Garrison Hearthstone (received as an early quest reward) returns you to this building.

  1. Unlocks access to a large and small building plot.
  2. Unlocks access to a medium and additional small building plot. Also unlocks access to small, medium and large buildings. The quest Bigger is Better requires level 10 and 200 resources.
  3. Unlocks access to an additional large, medium and small building plot. Also grants access to three custom monuments and direct transport to Ashran. Any pristine archaeology finds will appear in the left alcove. Requires max level, 2,000 resources and 5,000 gold.

Town-Hall Level 3 garrison guide

Frostwall Mines (unlocked with a Level 2 Town Hall at 15)

The Mine was once abandoned, but there are still underground riches ready to be discovered.Frostwall Mine

  1. Allows players to mine Draenic Stone from mineral nodes in Draenor. Draenic Stone can be converted to work orders for Draenor minerals.
  2. A new mineshaft allows access to additional mining nodes and lootable supply carts. Also allows up to 3 work orders at once.
  3. A final mineshaft allows access to rich mining nodes. In addition, garrison guards will patrol your mine, keeping it clear of hostile Goren. Also allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Requires Draenic Stone Collector to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.


Lantresor of the Blade – Starts with Meet Me in the Cavern in Nagrand.

Fishing Shack (unlocked at 20)

FishingL3The Fishing Shack provides support to those looking for their next big catch.

  1. Allows small Draenor fish to be caught in Garrison waters and provides access to daily Fishing quests.
  2. Allows medium Draenor fish to be caught in Garrison waters.
  3. Grants you a chance to catch unique fish in Garrison waters. These can be used to lure Cavedwellers onto the shore.

Requires Draenor Angler to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

Fishing Specialist

Nat Pagle – Quest: An Angler On Our Team (requires 700 fishing)

Herb Garden (unlocked at 30)

FarmA bountiful garden for the planting and harvesting of Draenor herbs. Quest for the Herb Garden.

  1. Grows Draenic Seeds into herbs each day and herbalism nodes are available in the garden.
  2. Increases the number of herbs that can be harvested at the Garden. Also allows up to 3 work orders at once.
  3. Grow a unique Draenor fruit tree in your garden that grants food buffs. Also allows up to 5 work orders at once.

Requires Draenic Seed Collector to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.


Shadow Hunter Rala – Quest: The Real Prey (Frostfire Ridge)

Pet Menagerie (unlocked at 35 with a Level 3 Town Hall)

MenagerieThe Menagerie provides new opportunities to develop and enhance your pet’s retinue.

  1. Attracts elite pets you can battle for rewards. Also, let 5 of your battle pets hang out in your garrison.
  2. Increases your trap chance and reduces the cooldown of Revive Battle Pets while in Draenor. Up to 10 of your pets can now hang out in your garrison.
  3. Unlocks a pet battle daily with unique pet rewards.

Requires Draenic Pet Battler to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

In order to unlock the menagerie, you’ll need to defeat three pests around the garrison. The daily challenges become available once your Town Hall is upgraded to Level 3.

Large Plots

Large buildings enhance your garrison’s followers and require either level 40 or opening the Nagrand outpost (level 35).


The Barracks house your garrison’s military forces and followers.Barracks L3

  1. Unlocks Patrol Missions. Patrol Missions have higher than normal follower experience rewards. (200 resources)
  2. Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to accompany you as a guardian in Draenor Zones. Requires Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide. (300 resources)
  3. Increases your follower limit by 5 and grants access to racial guards and banners.

Complete Patrolling Draenor to unlock the Level 3 blueprint.

War Mill

WarMillThe War Mill stores and maintains the armaments used by the Garrison’s inhabitants.

  1. Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade and increases the potency of the upgrade. Allows the collection of armor scraps from the Orc clans of Draenor for armor transmogrification use.
  2. Opens up work orders for follower weapons and armor in exchange for garrison resources. Also, new armor transmogrification items unlock.
  3. Grants 1 of your 3 seals of tempered fate (raid bonus loot roll) at no cost each week.

Filling the Ranks unlocks the level 3 blueprint

Goblin Workshop

Goblin WorkshopCrush your enemies with your mechanized might!

  1. Unlocks a personal engineer that creates a powerful invention each day. Exceptional work!
  2. Your engineer gains access to five new and amazing devices.
  3. Allows the creation of a siege vehicle once per day. Drive it to victory in Draenor!

Terrific Technology unlocks the level 3 blueprint

Spirit Lodge

Enables instant travel to strategic points in Draenor!spirit lodge rank 3

  1. Allows the collection of Ogre waystones from ogres on Draenor. These waystones can be used to power an Ogre waygate of your choice on Draenor. Also occasionally triggers Runes of Power during combat.
  2. Unlocks access to a second Ogre Waygate for a total of 2.
  3. Unlocks access to a third Ogre Waygate for a total of 3.

Finding Your Waystones unlocks the level 3 blueprint.


StablesStables provide significant benefits to your mounts.

  1. Enables the capture and training of special mounts on Draenor. Also allows you to remain mounted while interacting with objects in outdoor Draenor zones.
  2. You will no longer get dazed by enemies while riding mounts in outdoor Draenor zones.
  3. Increases mount speed in Draenor by 20%.

Master of Mounts unlocks the level 3 blueprint.


Medium Plots

Medium buildings increase your garrison’s productivity and require either level 35 or opening the Spires of Arak outpost (level 30).

Frostwolf Tavern

TavernAdventure! Excitement! A Hero and his followers need all these things, along with a place to rest afterwards.

  1. Each day, a visitor offering a dungeon quest with generous rewards will spend the day at your inn.
  2. Recruits random followers each week. You can specify traits and abilities you’re especially interested in. (requires 225 resources)
  3. Unlocks the particularly lucrative treasure hunter missions.

Stay Awhile and Listen unlocks the level 3 blueprint.

Lowlands Lumber Mill

lumbermillThe Lumber Mill enables access to different types of Timber throughout Draenor.

  1. Allows you to mark small trees in Draenor for harvest. Harvested Timber can be converted to work orders for Garrison supplies.
  2. Allows you to mark medium trees for additional timber.
  3. Allows you to mark large trees for even more timber.

Upgrading The Mill, Reduction in Force and Legacy of the Ancients unlocks the Level 3 Blueprint.

There are several achievements tied to the Lumber Mill: Choppin’ Some Logs, Choppin’ Some More Logs, Choppin’ Even More Logs or Choppin’ Even More Logs.


  • Phylarch the Evergreen – requires a level 3 lumber mill. Phylarch can randomly spawn at large timber nodes but you will only be able to recruit him after you defeat him 3 times.


BarnThe Barn houses captured creatures that provide the Garrison with leather, meat, and fur.

  1. Allows you to capture clefthoof, elekk, wolves, and talbuk for leather and fur. Used for leatherworking and tailoring recipes.
  2. Allows you to capture boars and riverbeasts for rare meats used to create the most powerful food.
  3. Allows you to capture elite beasts to harvest for savage blood, used in all epic crafted armor and weapons.

Master Trapper unlocks the level 3 blueprint.


  • Dark Ranger Velonara – Quest: Standing United (Spires of Arak)
  • Talonpriest Ishaal – becomes available once you complete the Achievement: Between Arak and a Hard Place in the Spires of Arak
  • Goldmane the Skinner – Go to the top of the tower at Ironfist Harbor in Nagrand and kill Bolkar the Cruel. Use the key to free him from the cage.

Trading Post

TradingPostThe Trading Post is the Garrison’s centre of commerce with the natives of Draenor.

  1. A merchant shows up each day selling trade goods. Allows the trade of crafting reagents for garrison resources.
  2. Grants access to the Sha’tari Defense or Laughing Skull factions. Also unlocks the ability to acquire parts from around Draenor to build an auctioneer.
  3. Increases reputation gain in Draenor by 20% (account-wide).

Savage Friends unlocks the level 3 blueprint.


Cacklebone – Requires revered with Laughing Skull Orcs.

Gladiator’s Sanctum

Sparring ArenaShow your might over opposing hostile players across Draenor and hone your strength on the blood-soaked arena floor. Slay your enemies and return with proof of their demise to earn powerful tributes!

  1. Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Draenor zones and allows the collection of broken bones from defeated enemy players (used for Conqueror’s Tribute).
  2. Enables safe fall and underwater breathing in outdoor Draenor zones. Also enables the Nemesis quest series for defeating enemy players of specific races.
  3. While below 35% life, all damage is reduced by 50% in outdoor Draenor zones. Grants access to the Highmaul Coliseum gladiator tournament.

The Bone Collector unlocks the level 3 blueprint


Small Plots

Small buildings focus on professions and require either level 30 or opening the Talador Outpost (level 20). Working More Orders unlocks all the Level 3 profession blueprints across all characters.

Engineering Works

The Engineering Works produces a host of useful gizmos and parts for the intrepid tinkerer, and also creates wondrous mechanical devices. Starts with Burned-Out Hand Cannon.Engineering L3

  1. Allows the production of Engineering items and work orders.
  2. Allows followers with the Engineering trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also allows up to 14 work orders at one time. (150 resources)
  3. Allows up to 21 work orders at once.

Engineering specialist


Gem Boutique

The Gem Boutique allows for the creation of wondrous gems and other jewelcrafting items. Blueprint rewarded when you find Gem Grinder Orolak, the owner of the pendant chain.Gem Boutique L3

  1. Allows the production of Jewelcrafting items and work orders.
  2. Allows followers with the Jewelcrafting trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also allows up to 14 work orders at one time. (150 resources)
  3. Allows up to 21 work orders at once.

Jewelcrafting specialist

  • Olin Umberhide – You first encounter Olin Umberhide at the Dark Portal and again as you escape the jungles of Tanaan. In Frostfire Ridge, you’re asked to rescue him after being ambushed along the garrison perimeter. He officially becomes your first follower after freeing him in a nearby cave.


Salvage Yard (unlocked at 30)

The Salvage Yard turns other people’s trash into your treasure.Salvage Yard L3

  1. Allows Salvage to be occasionally recovered from missions.
  2. Increases your chance at recovering Salvage from missions. In addition, you may now discover follower items in Salvage. (Only usable on followers which are 60)
  3. Greatly increases your chance at recovering Salvage from missions. In addition, you may now discover player items in Salvage. Hello, character creation armour and weapons.



StorehouseThe Storehouse has room to keep your and the garrison’s items safe and secure.

  1. Enables access to your personal bank and increases the total number of active work orders for all buildings by 5 (requires 150 resources).
  2. Enables access to your guild bank.
  3. Enables access to an Ethereal Trader for Void Storage and Transmogrification and increases the total number of active work orders for all buildings by 15.

How do I choose?

If you’re not sure what to build, that’s ok. Plots are easily replaced by dragging another suitably sized plot over the original for the cost of some garrison resources and building time. However, note that a demolished plot will lose any progress gained and will have to start from level 1 if you choose to build it again.

Alternatively, you can swap the locations of some small, medium or large plots (e.g. Engineering Works <–> Salvage Yard) by dragging one building over to the other. This requires no resources and the change is instant!

Garrison Blueprints

Level 2 blueprints become available at different times depending on their size:

  • Small buildings: Reach level 30 or complete the Talador zone (at 25).
  • Medium buildings: Reach level 35 or complete the Spires of Arak zone (at 30).
  • Large buildings: Reach level 40 or complete the Nagrand zone (at 35).

You will need the Outpost Building Assembly Notes for any medium and small blueprint upgrades. Two will be rewarded from quests in Gorgrond and the Spires of Arak. Once I had upgraded my first plot to Level 2, the quest for the Fishing Shack appeared.

More Plots rewards the small & medium blueprints.

After completing your outpost questline in Talador, the Comprehensive Outpost Construction Guide may be used to upgrade your large plot to Level 2. A second one will be rewarded after you complete your outpost in Nagrand.

Level 3 blueprints become available at level 40 when you will complete My Very Own CastleMy Very Own Fortress to upgrade your garrison to level 3 or by completing certain achievements in Draenor. Level 3 blueprints are account-wide so once you unlock them on one character, they become available to all characters on your account.

Garrison Shipyard (unlocks at 40 with a Level 3 Town Hall)

horde garrison shipyard

The shipyard will grant access to Tanaan Jungle after completing a short questline at the Iron Docks. A level 1 Shipyard will require an initial cost of 150x Garrison Resources and a transport ship to invade Tanaan. Once built, you can start the invasion and complete a few more quests before establishing your base in the jungle.

Work Orders require Garrison Resources and Oil while Naval Missions require just Oil. Completing Naval Missions will unlock higher level shipyards: Sailor, Captain.

Fleet size

Level 1: 6 ships
Level 2: 8 ships
Level 3: 10 ships

Ships come with a default name but can easily be renamed under the Naval Command Panel. Generally, they will be uncommon but have a chance to be upgraded to rare or epic quality when built.

Ship Types

Essentially there are five types of ships you can build:

Ship Type: Ability: Build Cost: Build Time: Unlocked from:
Transport Boarding Party
Boarding Party
25 GR
50 Oil
30 mins quest start Garrison Guide Shipbuilding
quest start Garrison Guide Shipbuilding
Destroyer Destroyer 25 GR
75 Oil
30 mins quest start Garrison GuideDestroying the Competition
quest start Garrison GuideDestroying the Competition
Battleship Battleship 50 GR
100 Oil
1 hr Hand of the Prophet – Friendly
Vol’jin’s Headhunters – Friendly
Submarine Submarine 50 GR
75 Oil
2 hrs quest start Garrison Guide Upgrading The Fleet
quest start Garrison Guide Upgrading The Fleet
Carrier Carrier 50 GR
200 Oil
2 hrs quest start Garrison GuideNaval Domination
quest start Garrison GuideNaval Domination

Unlike followers, ships have a chance to be destroyed but this can be negated by equipping your ship with Unsinkable. This requires revered reputation with either the Hand of the Prophet or Vol’jin’s Headhunters.

Note: Unsinkable is the only piece of equipment that needs to be replaced each time it’s triggered during a mission.

Shipyard Table


Ships have up to two equipment slots with one unlocked at rare and another at epic. Equipment slots are used to counter various naval threats and can be easily changed once you’ve collected the relevant blueprint. A list of blueprints can be found under Tanaan Jungle rares although a recent hotfix made it possible to collect blueprints from any rare in the area.


All ships come with a randomised crew depending on your character’s faction (e.g Troll Crew) and can’t be changed. However, if you want to try and get a better crew, ships can be decommissioned once you have a full fleet.

A murloc crew is especially advantageous since it counts as two ship types so if you get one, consider yourself lucky. Murloc crews only come with the following two ships:

Garrison Outposts

Each outpost can give you a different set of followers so I’ve gone through what each one can offer.

Lowlands Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill enables access to different types of Timber throughout Draenor.

Lowlands Lumber Mill Garrison Guide

Includes access to a Turbo Shredder which will cut through tangled vines throughout the zone. Some will reveal various treasures giving you an extra source of garrison resources.

Savage Fight Club

A perfect location for strength and conditioning tailored to the rigours of Draenor. The Savage Fight Club will provide training missions to improve existing followers.

Savage Fight Club

The zone perk Champions Honour allows you to summon a champion who can aid you in different ways. For example, you’ll need Beatface to break through Odd Boulders (similar to tangled vines from the Lumber Mill).

Arcane Sanctum

Enables instant travel to strategic points in Draenor!

  1. Unlocks a portal to Ashran
  2. Unlocks a portal to Talador
  3. Unlocks a portal to Gorgrond and Nagrand

Arcane Sanctum

Includes a Guardian Orb that follows you around and electrocutes enemies for 30secs.

Vol’jin’s Arsenal

Doubles your chance of a rare or epic bonus upgrade from quest rewards.

  1. Doubles the chance for your quest rewards to get a rare or epic Bonus Upgrade.
  2. Allows the collection of armour scraps from the Orc clans of Draenor for armour transmogrification use.
  3. Grants a free raid bonus roll once per week.

Vol'jin's Arsenal

Includes Artillery Strike, a zone perk that orders your armoury to begin an artillery strike at a targeted location. Three volleys will be fired with a maximum of three charges.


Choose between a Tavern or Trading Post at 30.

Stonefire Tavern

The Stonefire Tavern will provide housing and additional troops and boosts the morale of your forces. Once fully operational, the Stonefire Tavern grants the use of Home Away from Home (teleport to Hearthfire Tavern) within the zone.

Stonefire Tavern

Smuggler’s Den

The Smuggler’s Den will open up trade roots with other forces, granting access to rare supplies and materials. Once fully operational, the Smuggler’s Den grants the use of Smuggling Run! (summons a rare goods vendor) within the zone.

Smuggler's Den

After completing the Challenge of the Masters, you’ll be able to choose between the Corral & Tankworks at 35.

Wor’var Corral

The Corral will provide Frostwolf mounts for your troops. Once fully operational, the Corral grants the use of a Frostwolf War Wolf allowing you to pick up items while mounted and increasing movement speed within Nagrand.

Wor'var Corral - Frostwolf Perk

Wor’var Tankworks

The Tankworks will provide demolishers for your troops. Once fully operational, the Tankworks grants the use of a Wor’var Demolisher within Nagrand.

Wor'var Tankworks - Demolisher

At 60, you can switch over any outpost for a 5K fee just by speaking to the camp foreman. This allows you to complete the alternate questline and obtain any outpost-specific followers. There’s also an option to buy any outstanding followers from the contract NPC located in your Town Hall for 50G.


Invasions are a weekly event that offers another source of reputation and a chance at epic items. You will get your first opportunity to try a mini invasion after upgrading your garrison to level 2. This should occur as you level through the first zone and will allow you to see what an invasion is like before you get a full-scale assault at 60.

Once you reach max level, these events are triggered sporadically. As you fight powerful foes among the enemy factions of Draenor (see map) you’ll draw their attention and an enemy force will eventually prepare to attack your Garrison. When that happens, the commander outside your Town Hall will have a quest for you, allowing you to trigger the invasion.

Garrison Invasion map - garrison guide


  • Invasion – follow the sergeant
  • Assault – defeat the assault
  • The Holdout – endure the assault
  • The Calm- return to the town centre
  • Final Stage – kill the boss

Other things to look out for:

  • Assaults on a Garrison building—attack them to interrupt the cast.
  • Terrified townsfolk (marked with a green arrow over their head) need to be saved – Just run up to them so they can follow you back to the safety of the Town Hall.
  • Infiltrators from the opposite faction (marked with a red arrow) need to be killed.
  • Rally your Garrison guards by clicking on the red blood drop icon above a fallen defender.


There are several ways you can earn points:

  • Kill enemies – harder ones are worth more
  • Save terrified townsfolk
  • Keep your buildings intact
  • Keep your defenders alive
  • Kill spies
  • Kill the final boss

These points will be added to the tally at the end to help determine your final reward.


Invasions should be completed with two friends (at most) for a higher chance at the best rewards.

  • PLATINUM (1,300 points) awards the below items, a level 660 item, plus a chance at obtaining an item that can summon a raid or world boss.
  • GOLD (1,000 points) – awards gold, 75x Apexis Crystals and an Invader’s Forgotten Treasure (50x Apexis Crystals and 50x Garrison Resources) plus a chance to contain ilvl 645 gear (or 651 if warforged), a mount and an Arcane Crystal Module part (for the Trading Post).
  • SILVER (500 points) – awards gold, 50x Apexis Crystals and an Invader’s Damaged Cache (40x Apexis Crystals and 35x Garrison Resources) plus a chance to contain ilvl 645 gear (or 651 if warforged) and an Arcane Crystal Module part (for the Trading Post).
  • BRONZE (200 points) – awards gold, 33x Apexis Crystals and an Invader’s Abandoned Sack (25x Apexis Crystals and 25x Garrison Resources) plus a chance to have one of the parts for the Arcane Crystal Module (Trading Post item to build an auctioneer).

Each reward can be looted once per week so if you manage to get Platinum, you will receive all four.


Each follower comes with various abilities and traits. Some are pre-determined by level, quality, trait and/or ability. As a minimum, all followers start with one trait and ability.

Followers may also be recruited from the inn so if you’re lacking a specialist for a certain profession or counter to a mission, you can find what you need there (except for fishing). These followers start from level 90 and can be either uncommon, rare or epic. Just talk to the Headhunter inside the tavern and select the trait or ability you want. She will then give you a choice of three followers per week but choose carefully because you won’t get another chance to choose between another choice of three.

Here are the basics:

  • Uncommon: 1 ability, 1 trait
  • Rare: 1 ability, 2 traits
  • Epic: 2 abilities, 3 traits

Any random traits and abilities gained will be relevant to their class.

Garona can be recruited as part of the legendary questline.

Work Orders

Followers can become a vendor or even boost work orders when assigned to certain buildings. These followers will be unable to participate in any missions until they are removed from that role. This can be easily done by going to your mission table and clicking the relevant plot to remove the follower in question.

Work Orders take four hours to complete and can be queued up – automatically moving on to the next Work Order as each one is completed. The size of the queue increases as you upgrade your Garrison:

  • 7x Work Orders at Garrison Tier 1
  • 14x Work Orders at Garrison Tier 2
  • 21x Work Orders at Garrison Tier 3

The level 1 War Mill won’t affect the quality of any followers gained from quests.


A few possess the bodyguard trait which allows them to accompany you outside the garrison (provided you have a level 2 Barracks) but does not extend to battlegrounds, instances or scenarios. You can also shrink your bodyguard if they’re always getting in the way.

Note: you’ll need to spend time grinding reputation up to Personal Wingman to gain any additional perks. Overlook Ruins in Gorgrond is a fantastic place to do this since there are lots of bugs and they respawn fast.

Frostfire Ridge


  • Bruto – unlocked from the Savage Fight Club questline
  • Spirit of Bony Xuk – Quest: Zero Xuk’s Given (Savage Fight Club questline)
  • Kaz the Shrieker – Starts in Deadgrin and is part of the Lumber Mill questline
  • Penny Clobberbottom – Meet her just before you build your outpost at Beastwatch. She is part of the Lumber Mill questline.
  • High Centurion Tormokk – Go to The Destroyed Expedition in the south end of Gorgrond. You’ll see a big armoured Ogre being attacked. Help him defeat his opponents and he will join you.
  • Blook – On the border of Gorgrond and Talador – directly south of Evermoon Springs (Horde flight path), take the path leading up to his overlook. Talk to him, fight him and win.


  • Magister Krelas – offered at the end of the Arcane Sanctum questline
  • Morketh Bladehowl – offered during the Vol’jin Arsenal questline
  • Pleasure-Bot 8000 – Quest: Clear!
  • Aeda Brightdawn – Quest: Gatekeepers of Auchindoun
  • Soulbinder Tuulani – Starts with Powering the Defences (a fairly long questline)

Spires of Arak

  • Benjamin Gibb – Admiral Taylor’s Garrison graveyard
  • Kimzee Pinchwhistle – see engineering above
  • Dark Ranger Velonara – unlocked from the Tavern questline
  • Ziri’ak – obtained from the Smuggler’s Run merchant window
  • Leorajh – Follow the path leading up to the Apexis Chamber from Leorajh’s Den (south of Bloodmane Valley)
  • Talonpriest Ishaal – becomes available once you complete the Achievement: Between Arak and a Hard Place


  • Lantresor of the Blade – Starts with Meet Me in the Cavern
  • Abu’gar – Find three of his belongings scattered around Nagrand. Return them to his current location at Stonecrag Gorge.
  • Goldmane the Skinner – Go to the top of the tower at Ironfist Harbor and kill Bolkar the Cruel. Use the key to free him from the cage.


Tanaan Jungle


  • Ulna Thresher – Stonefury Rescue mission
  • Alexi Barov – under a fallen log (in several zones) – right next to Terrokar Refuge, Talador or by a lake in Nagrand (requires lumber mill)
  • Image of Archmage Vargoth – locate 4 items scattered around Draenor
  • Meatball – Brawler’s Guild Rank 5
  • Choluna – Quest: The Sleepers (The Garrison Campaign)
  • Croman – Achievement from Bloodmaul Slag Mines (Heroic)
  • Leeroy Jenkins – Achievement: Leeeeeeeroy? from UBRS
  • Talon Guard Kurekk – Achievement: Mantle of the Talon King


garrison mission rewards

There are several advantages to the mission table. Not only will you gain some nice XP for yourself and your followers, but there’s a handful of toys to collect as well as gear and weapon upgrades to improve mission success.

Followers can be upgraded to ilevel 675 with upgrades coming from two sources:

  • Salvage Yard – with a chance to receive salvaged goods from missions
  • War Mill – through work orders and trading in war scraps.

Successful missions require the right set of followers around the same level of the mission so take note of any abilities the enemies might have to reap any bonus rewards. When selecting a mission, you’ll quickly notice if you have a suitable follower with the right counter to any threat.

  • Followers below a mission’s level get a reduced percentage of the mission XP as well as any bonus XP earned.
  • Followers that are 1-2 levels below the mission (level displayed in orange) will only receive 50% of the mission XP and bonus XP.
  • Followers that are 3 or more levels below the mission (level displayed in red) will only receive 10% of the mission XP and bonus XP.

If you keep sending your followers out on missions, you’ll eventually have a garrison filled with epic followers. Even when your uncommon and rare followers reach 60, they’ll continue gaining XP until they are epic.

Changing Follower Traits

On occasion, you will see a Follower Re-training Certificate as a rare mission reward. This allows you to re-roll an ability and trait for (hopefully) something more useful but the results are random. If you have several followers who can counter the same threat, this would be a good opportunity to use it.

Note that if you use an item such as the Supreme Manual of Dance or the Hearthstone Strategy Guide, the targeted follower will gain the trait associated with the on-use item, and lose a random trait which cannot be selected or changed after the fact.

Game Director Tom “Kalgan” Chilton explains how followers will work:

We’re removing the concept of dismissing followers and instead changing to a limit of 20 active-duty followers that can go on missions. What that means is, that if you’re over 20 active followers, you won’t be able to start a mission until you’re down to 20 active-duty followers. Your inactive followers still show up in your UI and won’t lose any levels, progress, etc. One follower per day can be returned from inactive duty for 250g.

Once you have followers at ilvl 615, the second tier of level 60 missions unlocks. At 630, the third tier unlocks (includes missions with ilvl 645 gear for your character), and when you have followers at ilvl 645 the fourth tier unlocks. The fourth tier is rare raid missions that reward your character with raid-quality loot of a tier higher than you’re currently running.

If you’re doing LFR, you’ll get normal quality raid loot, if you’re running normal raids you’ll get heroic quality loot, and heroic raiders will get mythic quality loot. Mythic raiders will get mythic loot and 1k gold. These missions show up rarely enough that you won’t be able to deck out your character in these items before the next raid zone shows up, but having a handful of them will give you a nice edge.