I was really pleased with this outfit when it came together. I know the pic is a little dark but I think it adds to the whole idea of working down in the mines. However, not all items are transmoggable.

Head: Goblin Construction Helmet
Chest: Brown Linen Vest
Shirt: Master Builder’s Shirt
Waist: Ancestral Belt
Hands: Cross-Stitched Gloves
Legs: Cross-Stitched Pants
Feet: Shadow Council Boots
Main Hand: Mining Pick
Off-Hand: Eerie Stable Lantern


This isn’t really a transmog outfit but I’ve been holding onto these pieces for a while now. It’s made up primarily of the Dilapidated Cloth set and the wacky-looking helmet from Mekgineer Thermaplugg in Gnomeregan.

Head: Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator
Chest: Dilapidated Cloth
Waist: Dilapidated Cloth
Hands: Dilapidated Cloth
Legs: Dilapidated Cloth
Feet: Sorcerer Slippers
Main Hand: Hammer of Judgement
Off-Hand: Eerie Stable Lantern


Alternate Options
Chest: Seer’s Padded Armor
Feet: Dilapidated Cloth