Today I hit two milestones on my Alliance Priest, Cym. Firstly, I managed to get Honoured with the Guild so that I could buy the Guild Page and I also dinged 85. Woot!

I must say that the quests in Twilight Highlands are very different from Horde. Not only do you get to borrow a gryphon for Dropping the Hammer but instead of using a grappling hook for Hook ’em High, the Alliance get to use a Shoulder-Mounted Drake-Dropper to Tear Them From the Sky!

Wildmammer quest

Shoulder-Mounted Drake-Dropper

Also, you know the Barrels we need to blow up on Horde side? The Alliance take a swig from each barrel! They even get a buff from drinking a few… although the slightly blurry screen I won’t really miss :P It brought back memories of those spiders in ZG. Ah, vanilla…

To top it off, you get to prepare a wedding! I didn’t finish the preparations for that… but I did help with the song lyrics :P

Spending the afternoon getting half a level through quests was quite tedious although the Guild rep was nice. But since I had two bubbles to go, Cool and I decided to do a random dungeon.

Level 85

This wouldn’t have been my first choice for a dungeon since you can get some really dodgy groups but other than the hunter leaving a few minutes into it we did ok.

When I headed back to Stormwind, the first thing I did was to check the location of the Guild vendor.

Guild Page-A

Say hello to pet no. 184 :D

I really wish you could transfer the Lieutenant Commander title from my Alliance priest to my main on Horde. Really, I don’t see why this can’t be doable, especially since it’s the same account and the amount of effort it took back then was dedication and wins.

Champion Cymre – I can just imagine it.