A couple of days ago, I had given an attempt or two at Fjoll before calling it a day. Yesterday, I decided to give him another go and one-shot the sucker.


Fjoll – With most of the void zones on one half of the pit or along the edges, I had quite a bit of room to manoeuvre – even with his Shadowy Blast knockbacks and Death Grips. At one stage, all I could see was the wood of the barrier and his health bar so I decided not to move until I saw a Void warning.

Proboskus – It’s imperative that you interrupt his Torrent at every opportunity. Silence works like a charm which I would often use on his second cast while letting my fiend take the first. Rain Dance can hurt but if you’ve killed some of the Champions, it’s exactly the same mechanic. Also stay out of his melee range because his physical hits can hurt A LOT towards the end.

Leper Gnome Quintet

Leper Gnome Quintet – The fight starts off with five gnomes at various health with Queasy having the lowest so it’s a no-brainer to kill him off first. Just make sure to keep dots on all of them, focus firing the one with the lowest health each time. They are CC’able so fear away while taking them out otherwise their Leperous Spew will stack up quickly.

Rank 6

Yikkan Izu – It’s important to take out some of the crows that spawn as he will keep summoning them periodically but don’t DPS more than four at a time as he’ll enrage. The only other thing is to watch out for his Disorienting Shriek. I haven’t quite perfected this strategy yet after a couple of attempts but it’s just a matter of time.