I’ve been an admirer of Noxychu‘s art for such a long time now, ever since I discovered she was the official artist for Wowhead. When I first saw this Tauren, I couldn’t help but think of my hunter who also sports the plaits so I would secretly imagine my character as the model. I now know her featured models are based on various Wowhead employees.

Then I started seeing all these Blizzcon badges all over Twitter as well as a fantastic commission piece for Elvine. It was only then that I started enquiring about the details and prices of what I could expect for my own commission one day.

Towards the end of last year, I gifted Noxy two of my favourite pets (the Sea Pony and Anubisath Idol) as a way to say thanks for all the awesome art she provides for the community.

Soon after that, I was anxious to send her my ideas for a commission piece since I’ve had this idea brewing for so long I just wanted to get the details down in writing. She immediately ok’d me for the specs and planned to do it when her time (and my budget) allowed. This finally came a couple of weeks ago so I was excited to see this come to fruition. After a few preliminary sketches, she emailed me the final lineart which looked great.

As with my chibi version, I had very clear ideas of what I wanted and I think she incorporated the elements really well. However, for a while, I did expect her face to look a lot like this but then it would have looked odd to have a cutesy face on that body :P

Cymre commission art by Noxychu

Whoo-Cha… (at least that’s the sound I hear when I crack my whip)

Since it wasn’t a full-body sketch, I think it was really clever to use the whip as a border line. Now if only I could get a Blizzcon badge, ticket and trip sorted, I’d be ecstatic. Well, maybe next time.

Thanks again Noxy, just in time for my birthday too. <3